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Brush Canyon: Brush Canyon Trail

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Griffith Park

Brush Canyon: Brush Canyon Trail is a 2.8 mile out and back trail located near Los Angeles, California that offers scenic views. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking, walking, and trail running. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 2.8 miles Elevation Gain: 725 feet Route Type: Out & Back

dog friendly




partially paved


4 days ago

Its *****CLOSED****

7 days ago

HOLLYWOOD" what can I tell you, first 20 minutes is all incline, little challenging if you’re out of shape, but doable if you take small rest. Stay to the left till you hit a split trail, they both say Hollywood. Take the upper Trail takes you to the back of the Sign. if you decide left, for the front of the sign, keep in mind the road will split again up front, stay to your right. Felt great, after going both front and back. The sign was originally created in 1923 as a temporary advertisement "HOLLYWOODLAND". The sign now is spelled out in 45-foot white capital letters and is 350 feet long. The poles that supported the sign were hauled to the site by mules.

Nice views. A lot of options to vier off and explore.

1 month ago

Amazing views! Would definitely do this hike again. Nice workout. Also I absolutely love that this trail takes you to different sides of the Hollywood sign and allows you to get some awesome pictures!

3 months ago

Short trail but with great views and up close to the Hollywood sign

4 months ago

Some of the BEST views in Griffith Park are on this hike. It's going to be crowded though and there will be no shade. Also if you do the loop clockwise the last part is steep with loose gravel so be careful.

There’s not a lot of shade but there are plenty of views. You’ll see the Hollywood sign, the Griffith Observatory, and the DTLA skyline.

no shade
11 months ago

Very nice trail, lots of space, not too busy (at least on a Monday morning). Great views of the observatory. First half is almost entirely uphill with varied difficulty levels but manageable, it flattens out in a few places too. The entire way back is basically downhill. Fun hike, easy to get to and pretty straightforward.

11 months ago

I enjoyed this trail the most , what I enjoyed was this place e has so many direction stands that it is impossible to get lost!

Thu May 09 2019

I gave this hike three stars and not four because of its location. The first 1/2 of this hike (before you do the loop) is pretty packed with tourists, you can see tons of roads and cars, and you’re so close to the observatory that you even have to cross the road that goes up towards it at one point. The second half however (after crossing that road and starting more of the loop) is much better! Way less crowded and you get to escape the observatory chaos down below with a pretty decent climb to boot. If you’re going clockwise, the way up is great but the way down is a bit overgrown but totally doable and still worth it. Good workout overall, but if you’re looking for a similar hike with less roads and cars, I would recommend the fern dell to Griffith observatory one over this one (although this one is slightly more challenging).

Sun Dec 10 2017

Was a decent hike until I had to scale down a very steep part at the end. Start to finish took just over an hour.

Thu Oct 12 2017

Took a back trail up a hill to the Griffith Observatory. It was more than 700ft elevation and the climb was a great workout.

Sun Jun 04 2017

The trail itself was good, except that signage in the general area of the Hollywood sign is too few and far between. We originally planned to start at this trail but the directions this app gave us had us starting somewhere else (at the West Trail, as we later found out) and we ended up at Hollywood Summit, not the Hollywood sign. Because of the confusing directions and poor signage, we ended up doing 5 miles instead of 3.

Fri May 12 2017

We took the Brush Canyon trail to the Hollyridge trail to the Hollywood sign. It was scenic and we didn't run into too many other hikers (despite all the cars in the parking area). Great hike, the two trails together was about 6 miles round trip.

Mon Apr 10 2017

This is truly spectacular. The trail itself is enjoyable, but the view are just awesome all the way up and down. When I got to the top I went to the left fist and viewed the sign from the front. Then I backtracked and took the trail the opposite direction to get behind the sign. That adds another couple miles but is an absolute must. The review view is something to behold -- and then hike on over to the Wisdom Tree about a half mile additional. I have been to LA many times and for some reason never hiked to the sign. Now that I've done it, I know I will always recall fond memories every time I look up from the city or highway in the future and look at the sign. Note that there are several ways to get to the top. The way I did it was to start from Canyon drive near Bronson. There are two small parking lots at the top of Canyon Drive that were full, but there was ample street parking just down the road about 1/4 mile.

Sun Apr 02 2017

Sat Dec 10 2016

Really good hike and nice view!

Sat Apr 02 2016

loved it.

Thu Mar 10 2016

It was fun

Sat Dec 19 2015

Amazing trail run and hike highly recommend! Walk up and run down!

Sat Sep 26 2015

Cool- climbed to peak and saw Hollywood sign

Tue Sep 15 2015

It felt like more than 4.5 miles to me. We started the hike from Canyon drive. Not a steep hike, but it was quite a challenge for me from beginning to end because it was an incline right from the start. My hike buddies have been here a few times, so it was no sweat for them. This is a must on your trail list, for the gorgeous view from above the Hollywood sign, and the best photo opp you will ever have by the historical sign. I would go back when I'm in better shape. Lots of kids on this hike, but I felt bad for the little ones who were complaining of being tired. Consider the distance and heat before taking the smaller children.

Wed Apr 29 2015

Hike to the Hollywood Sign via Bronson Canyon, 6+ miles round trip. Went January 2nd with my 50+ year old uncle and 13 year old niece. I hike pretty often, so I was worried about how strenuous this trail would be, but it was nice wide and pretty much paved. Directions to trail: You can pull up Bronson Caves Los Angeles, CA up on Google maps. I took the 5 South to Franklin, went past the Griffith Observatory parking and made a right on Canyon Dr. You go through a neighborhood and you'll know your coming up to the trail head because you go through gates, there's 2 parking lots, the one closest to the trail head only has like 10 spots, but the one below is a lot bigger or you can park on the street. Trail Head: After parking in the further lot in the dirt, we walked toward the other lot and went past it. Ignore the trail on the right hand side and keep going up the path you are on. If you are not sure, ask other hikers, they were very helpful. This is a wide dirt trail, go along it and you will meet an intersection of Brush Canyon and Mulholland Fire Road. There is a wooden stake that has the words hand written on it "You made it", go left from there. There's horses on this trail, and when I went there was a good amount of horse poop too. Once you go left, and keep going, you hit a road. If you want to go behind the sign, go up the paved road and it will take you to the top, right behind the sign. If you want to see it from the front but from a distance, go left down the paved road. Trails taken: 1) Brush Canyon 2) Mulholland Fire Road (these trails are not marked) Got a pretty good workout from this 6+ mile hike, great views of LA. I would definitely recommend this hike, good to take people from out of town too!

Fri Mar 20 2015

6.4 mile hike RT if you start from Canyon Drive to the back of the Hollywood Sign. Beautiful views. You see all of Hollywood and the Valley. Love this hike. Done this many times.

Wed Jun 19 2013

I used to think this trail was challenging when I first started hiking, but it's a breeze now. Hills start out moderate, but become easy and you can take it all the way up to the Hollywood sign. There's usually plenty of hikers, so it's one that I feel safe taking by myself. A nice one to bring your kids on.

Fri Oct 14 2011

Completed this trail the summer of 2010. Bronson caves are nice. Took pictures. Several other trails are available so it can be as long as you like. Not too busy but it was a hot day. Not a lot of shade so wear sunscreen and hat.

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