Breckenridge Mountain via Mill Creek Trail

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Breckenridge Mountain via Mill Creek Trail is a 22.2 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Wofford Heights, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until November. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

22.2 miles
5,682 feet
Out & Back

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This trail begins with the Mill Creek Trail and continues to Breckenridge Campground and the summit of Breckenridge Mountain.

13 days ago

stayed at brekenridge campground and was the only one there, so peaceful! The hike is strenuous with a heavy pack on, but it's a fun hike all in all. I went up to the campground and my GPS said that was 9.5 miles 4800 feet elevation. Go left once you get to the top of the trailhead, and another left once you get to the main road, then you'll make a right which signs will be present by that point. There was water at the campground and pit toliets.

30 days ago

I took the Mill Creek Trail to the top of Breckenridge Mountain. See the Mill Creek Trail page for the lower part of this hike. At the upper end of Mill Creek Trail, you will see three big trailhead signs similar to the lower end of the trail from Kern Canyon Rd. This is because you can start the trail from the top and hike downhill. It is accessible from Breckenridge Road. A quarter mile farther is Squirrel Meadow where you will start to walk on the paved Breckenridge Road. You then encounter a sign pointing to both Breckenridge Campground (.5 miles) and Breckenridge Look Out (5 miles). A dirt road takes a long gentle curve up the hill. I decided to take a shortcut by going off-trail. Honestly, going off-trail is more dangerous with the uneven/unstable terrain as well as potential to be bitten by something, and therefore I recommend taking the dirt road the whole way to the summit. My off-trail path was steeper and more difficult in general and therefore I don't think it is actually faster than staying on the long dirt road. Should you choose to go off-trail, a better path than my recording can be made. Use the "Terrain" map, it shows smaller dirt roads that don't appear on the AllTrails default map, which can be used to make easy shortcuts. My recording shows a 22.2 mile round trip with an elevation gain of 5,689 ft., completed with a moving time of 8 hours 50 minutes. The cool thing about doing such a long ascent is seeing the scenery go from brush and oak trees to towering conifers. There are outhouses at Breckenridge Campground as well as at the summit. The summit has a fire lookout tower which is occupied by a ranger during fire season. People are allowed up there to visit. The actual high point of the summit is a bit elusive. To me it looked like the 15-20 foot tall rock formation next to the outhouse was the highest point, which is on same easternmost mound as the lookout. The topo map shows a higher point on the mound that is a few hundred feet to the west, though it didn't look higher to me. There is supposed to be a summit register on the rock formation. I didn't attempt to climb the rock because I was hiking solo and didn't want to risk an injury. There was plenty of water in the streams from snow melt when I did this hike, but you should carry a lot of water particularly when it starts to warm up. Be prepared for varying conditions. It can be hot below with cold wind at the top. Gloves and beanie should be packed with a jacket. Don't forget sun protection. All in all, this was a massively strenuous hike, and as a result, highly rewarding For more info: See discussion here: PS: Thank You to the family that was picnicking at Breckenridge Campground on Easter 2019 for kindly feeding me as I came down from the Summit!