Boy Scout Trail

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Boy Scout Trail is a 4.9 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Crescent City, California that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from April until October.

4.9 miles
1148 feet
Out & Back

kid friendly



nature trips

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wild flowers


old growth

no dogs

The Boy Scout Trail ranks as one of the top showcases of old-growth redwood forests in existence with truly huge trees and several distinct redwood forest types. Part of the beauty of Jedediah Smith Redwoods is that it is the single least developed and most pristine old-growth forest around. The Boy Scout Trail has an honest feel of remoteness to it, with not a whisper of modern sounds to be heard. Catch this trail on a sunny morning and the filtered slanting rays reveal a stunning variety of textures and color variations on the redwood's bark. In the fogs of this region, the sense of mystery becomes astounding. This is an out-and-back hike and unlike other hikes, both directions are amazing, revealing a constant supply of sights you may have missed on the way in. It's really a toss-up over which direction is better. The trip to the trail head is an adventure as you walk through a magnificent old-growth grove on Howland Hill Road. Much of the route is on an old dirt logging road that's kept well graded. If you've never toured on logging roads, you should absolutely do it! There's a visceral something totally lacking on paved roads. This one's easily passable in 2WD. At the trailhead, located in a spectacular redwood grove, there's a little pullout that can accommodate about six cars.

1 day ago

Hiked this trail this morning with my wife. We are not expert hikers, and this trail was not too hard to traverse. This was a very cool hike through the amazing redwoods. The trail had a lot of variety too including small bridges, fallen trees to walk under, and beautiful scenery. This was a lot of fun to hike! FYI... road to the trailhead was a bit rough so take it slow, gets pretty busy late morning recommend hiking it earlier than later, and the waterfall at the end is cool but a bit underwhelming. Would love to do this hike again!

4 days ago

We hiked this trail with an 11 and 8 year old and I think it's between easy and moderate. Very nice trail with excellent opportunities to see redwood trees.

4 days ago

The Red Woods were spectacular! It was like walking through a different world!

6 days ago

Fun hike. Trees are massive.

6 days ago

Feels like walking in a peaceful rainforest, where the wide tree crowns are replaced by even more height. Trail is comfy and enjoyable.

8 days ago

9 days ago

If I could only do one trail during my four day stay at Jedediah Smith State Park this would be it. Very rooty and muddy in places but the scenery is second to none. I highly recommend getting in and out early as the trail got very crowded as we finished around 11am.

12 days ago

Great trail with lots of views of old growth forest. However, plan ahead as it can take a bit longer than expected. There are parts of the trail that have giant roots coming out of the ground, forcing you to look down a lot of the time.

13 days ago

18 days ago

What can I say... the giant Redwoods are breathtaking and humbling. Trail is pretty easy for hiking or running. Elevation is quite mellow and manageable. We were trail running and there are definitely sections with lots of roots so I found my eyes glued to the ground for tripping hazards and realized I was missing out on the epic surroundings.

21 days ago

23 days ago

For going on Memorial Day weekend I was surprised by how little people there were and respectful. Awesome and easy way to see the redwoods. The drive in and out is an added bonus but be prepared for a bumpy ride

26 days ago

It was a bit muddy as expected but the sights were definitely worth it!

27 days ago

one of my favorites. very muddy today. waterfall is gorgeous

28 days ago

29 days ago

Amazing.. not crowded and you are soo close to the trees

29 days ago

Beautiful, moderately easy, quiet, majestic, serene. Well trod path with many small tangled roots across trail in sections.

30 days ago

Beautiful, easy-to-moderate, walk in the woods through mixed forest and several tall old growth Redwood groves. Several small stream crossings lush with ferns. Nice reward with a small waterfall at the end.
Trail was moderately busy, but it was a holiday weekend.
Some slight hills and slippery spots but very well-trodden trail with no bushwhacking or cross country.