Boney Ridge Traverse

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Boney Ridge Traverse is a 16.7 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Thousand Oaks, California that features beautiful wild flowers. The trail is rated as difficult and primarily used for hiking, camping, and backpacking.

16.7 miles
3651 feet





wild flowers



no shade

Boney Ridge Traverse is a 16.75 mile trail loop that ascends Boney Mountain then traverses most of the Boney Ridge. The purpose of this unnecessarily long trail trek for 2 reasons. To experience the entirety of the Boney Ridge and as a maintenance hike for hiking in Angeles National Forest. You can park at Rancho Sierra Vista/Satwiwa. Parking is free and an adventure pass/park pass is not required, however nighttime parking is not allowed in the main lot. While I have not heard of citations or vehicles being towed, You begin your adventure by ascending Boney via the Tri Peaks/Upper Cabin Trail. This is the hardest part of this hike aside from the total distance. Some parts (3-4 mile mark) are quite steep and may require simple scrambling. Once to the top, the trail becomes vague as you approach Tri Peaks. If you lose the trail, keep Tri Peaks plainly in view while moving along the ridge to the south. You will pick the trail back up at the base of Tri Peaks by the largest boulder. Follow the trail around the boulder up to the Tri Peaks. Once of the south side of Tri Peaks, you can overlook the entire east side of the Boney Ridge. Your next stop will be Sandstone Peak, identified as the tallest peak on the ridge. It also has small weather sensor array near the top. You will follow the Backbone Trail up to Sandstone. Once near the peak, simple scrambling may be required again. It just depends on you and your approach. Once you summit, have a bite to eat and enjoy the view. Once you depart Sandstone, you will be taking the Backbone Trail across almost the entire Boney Ridge, from the ~7-11 mile mark. Most of the trail is fairly wide and well maintained, though there are a few slippery areas where trekking poles would come in handy. Once you work your way down the ridge you will come to a trail intersection at ~11.5 mile mark. You will want to bear to the right towards Danielson Multi-Use Area. Follow the trail to the multi-use area. There are a few faucets here with potable water if you are running low. From here, you will pick up the Sycamore Canyon Trail/road all the way back to where you started.

1 month ago

Busy trail at the beggining, with lots of bikers. Trail is hard to follow at peak. Very windy in spots. Very nice views on top. Some shade.

1 month ago

Long but beautiful hike. We did it in about 8 hours with a lot of short breaks at the beginning. Only confusion was after tri peaks where we had just a little trouble finding the trail. Otherwise the trails were all clear and great to hike on.

2 months ago

Great hike with rock climbs, take plenty of water and something to eat took my wife and I a full 6 hours.

4 months ago

I completed this in about 7 hours, including lunch on Sandstone Peak. It's a good long hike with respectable gain, which is rare for the Santa Monicas. The stretch just after Danielson Monument is challenging, as the trail is very rutted due to the wet 2016/2017 winter. Once you reach Tri Peaks, the trail is straightforward and finishes on a fire road. This would be a quality preparation hike for something like Reyes, Hines, Wilson or Cucamonga.