Bommer Canyon and Deer Canyon Loop

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Bommer Canyon and Deer Canyon Loop is a 8.4 mile loop trail located near Irvine, California that features beautiful wild flowers. The trail is rated as difficult offers a number of activity options.

8.4 miles 1420 feet Loop


mountain biking

trail running


wild flowers


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Absolute nonsense

3 years ago

Path up to the toll road is pretty boring and views only get better as you get up the hill and cross over to Ridge Park. Path is a bit more exciting after you turn right into Crystal Cove State Park and views improve when you reach the split that leads to the loop path. Tip: don't hike this path on a hot day, wait until it gets cooler (there is practically no shade anywhere and the sun will scorch you). Watch out for bikers speeding down the hills. Bring lots of water. We only brought 2 18 oz bottles and ran out half way (very stupid move). Parking is not guaranteed as the lot is very small. If you come here and see no parking, just turn around and go towards the public park you just passed when you turned to Shady Canyon. The park is very close and you can make a short walk from there to the trailhead.