Bogart Park Trail is a 5.2 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Beaumont, California that features beautiful wild flowers. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, birding, and horses. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

5.2 miles
810 feet

dog friendly

kid friendly



horseback riding

nature trips



wild flowers


7 months ago

Beautiful views, not a hard trail to hike. the only fault we have is the trail makers, no where in the park. For first time coming it was hard to find the right trail to hike the loop. (not sure we even did the loop)

9 months ago

Not sure if we went the right way but this hike took me 3 hours to complete. Maybe because I'm 6'1 300 lbs with 3 small kids but we finished it and felt great to accomplish it. I can't wait for the next trail need to get more prepared though...

mountain biking
10 months ago

Good bike trails. Nice for a simple walk to get away from things.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

This is an awesome park. Great for hiking, fishing as there is a pond, horse backing riding, picnicking, playground equipment for kids, camping area and more. The park is hardly used and for the low day use fee of $10 it is very affordable for people and families. The sad thing is this park could go away in the near future as it desperately needs people to use it to generate income to maintain the park. We ran into a local man who grew up in the area and said how vibrant the area was and how the locals are trying to start a petition to save the park. People get out to this park and help save it for future generations!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Very easy, pretty views, tent and small trailer camping. Play area for kids as well.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Not a whole lot of markers but a nice hike especially this time of year just go!

Monday, January 16, 2017

The area was really nice!! There are several different trails that you can take that go for miles and miles. The campground is well cared for and there are corrals for the campers horses. When you first arrive in the park there is a cool little lake and recreation area. The route we took ran beside a stream and was mostly shaded. We parked the car outside of the actual park because the gate was locked and we walked in about a mile or so until we hit the trail near the equestrian area. I recommend heading over to check it out. I'll be back to explore the area again for sure!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Go here every day to ride my bike. Definitely not the best but it is enjoyable with family and friends. Decent wildlife activity. Usually is dusty with loam all year till it rains then the trails are perfect. Would recommend taking kids up tractor hill to see all of cherry valley, Beaumont, and a little bit of banning. Mellow in some places and overgrown in others. Tons and tons of poison oak so be careful and make sure you are knowledgeable enough to spot it out and avoid it. Love this park

Saturday, May 21, 2016

The scenery is great ! Once you're at the top you can see the whole town filled with it's beautiful mountains ! There's a lot of dead plants that's the only downside, but the hike itself is a workout !

Friday, April 22, 2016

not open today and would of cost $10.00 to enter lucky I was on foot I walked 1.5 miles just to get here and park was closed

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Love our local trail and nature park. Last time hiking through saw a family of deer.

Monday, May 11, 2015

My latest GPX track ("Best Short hike") is only 3.4 miles if you don't do the "Noble Creek out and back" (though that's my favorite part of the Park thus far). Note this hike starts from outside the park, thus no strict requirement that you have to pay the entrance fee. The walk from the beginning (parking on the the street) into the park is quite nice, and needn't / shouldn't be avoided.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

This park has potential. It's a county park that has a rarely open Kiosk, however - you can enter via a pay machine at the kiosk using exact change (meaning regardless of what the machine tells you, you have to deposite $10 exact, can't even use 2 - $5 bills). Note, some of the best trails begin right at the entrance on Cherry Avenue or Avenida Altura Bella. Whether you pay or not is up to your sense of what's fair. There are trees, a fair amount of shade, grass park, good playground, small pond, view points, old farm land, narrow valleys with shelf trails, horses, some biker tracks, and bathrooms with running water.
This park rivals Wildwood Canyon St Park close by. This park might have better scenery, more trees/shade, but the trails are not as well maintained (not a problem for a decent hiker). Like Wildwood, you can get lost, so do some research, and bring your GPS and tracks.
The most scenic areas are the trails to the west and North of the entrance road, just beyond the kiosk. then going up the entrance valley even beyond the "horse camp" (see my comments about the out and back Noble Creek GPX extension) . Then the large park area (complete with great kids climbing structure), the small pond, and the overlook hill just beyond with it's stone walled zig zag trail up (there's a loop fire road down if you want back to the pond area).
Will post best (shorter) track soon that has these features included.

Friday, November 21, 2014

The location map on here is completely wrong! It is off by at least 5 miles.
This is a county park and yes it does have a day use fee.

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6 months ago

recorded trail sucked!

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