Bluffs and Panorama Trail via Creamery Meadow [CLOSED]

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Andrew Molera State Park

Bluffs and Panorama Trail via Creamery Meadow is a 12.7 kilometer heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Big Sur, California that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and nature trips and is accessible year-round.

Distance: 12.7 km Elevation Gain: 389 m Route Type: Out & Back


nature trips






no shade

no dogs

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 there is currently no vehicle access to this trail or others in the park. See here for more info: A relatively flat, scenic hike that takes you along the bluffs for a great view of the Pacific to the west and the Santa Lucia mountains to the east. When you start on the trailhead that leaves the parking lot, you'll cross the Big Sur River and then come to a fork for the Beach Trail and River Trail. Both will take you to the beach and are about the same distance and intensity, but the River Trail is a dirt road used for horseback riding. You will meet-up with the Creamery Meadows trail one mile down and this will take you right to the beach. Take in the beach views and odd birds in the area, and then double back a little ways to the split-off for the Bluffs Trail. The Bluffs Trail will eventually become the Panorama Trail, at which point you can either turn back or continue on the new trail. If you continue, the Panorama Trail will meet up with the Ridge Trail, which will take you back to the parking lot for a lovely eight mile loop.

3 months ago

Super great views. Did hike clockwise and would recommend that way to see the views on the ocean coming down. Had to wade in ice cold water at beginning on hike but super refreshing at the end.

4 months ago

Beautiful trail. The Bluffs & Panorama out and back might be better than taking Ridge, not much to see there. Small knee deep stream crossing at the start and finish, cold, but feels nice!

6 months ago

Great trail, but I didn't appreciate there wasn't an option to avoid wading through 2ft deep water. It's a spot that would be easy enough to install a small foot bridge over, and it would spare my boots getting soaked right at the start of an 8 mile hike and right after it. I'm in the minority of people who have issues with messed up toes to the point I'd avoid wobbling over rocks and jamming my foot. The trails great though.

You have to do a water crossing about knee deep .25 miles in but not too bad if you do it barefoot or in sandals. Great views the rest of the trail though! We saw a 6 point buck hop across the trail too!

7 months ago

Amazing hike and views. Definitely do it clockwise so that you have view of the coast in front while descending. River trail at the end is completely overgrown and closed (got a bit lost at the end while trying to find it).

We went Creamery Trail to Crest Trail, then Panorama Trail to Bluff Trail and back to Cramery Trail. Apple Watch recorded 10.5 miles.

This trial was amazing! The weather was wonderful and not too hot. We missed the beach part of the trail but the view was well worth it. I recommend starting the trail by going left first rather than right. It was much easier to get up to the top that way and felt less tedious.

Amazing hike. Bring plenty of water cause this is a long one. The uphill climb is rough but well worth the views you get at the top.

9 months ago

If you start off ridge trail, it’s about 3 miles of uphill... once you pass panorama and end on bluff trail, you hike along the coast which makes the view worth it

no shade
10 months ago

This was my first trail absolutely loved it. The beach trail is closed. It took me and my sister about 4:30 hours to complete. However, I’m a photographer and I had a drone as well, so stopping and attaching the blades twice took some time.

10 months ago

It was a nice easy trail to the beach. Footbridge is back. Amazed at the driftwood structures on the beach.

Beautiful views. A bit of uphill on the way out, but you get some relief among giant redwoods at the top.

Thu Nov 15 2018

Excellent views. Perfect weather today

Sun Jun 17 2018

We enjoyed such a memorial trail run. We did the creamery meadows down to the beach which was spectacular. Then we ran a bit of the Bluffs and Ridge trails. Not too much as we are not as accustomed to the elevation. Would highly recommend!!

Mon Jun 11 2018

Very easy and gorgeous!

Fri Jun 08 2018

Nice almost stepped on a rattlesnake though

Mon May 14 2018

Took this Bluffs Trail up to the Ridges and Back down. One of my favorite hikes. Barely any traffic and just beautiful absolutely stunning views. Big Sur ought to be on everyone’s list and Andrew Molera does a wonderful preservation job at keeping wildlife and flora in comfort.

Sat Jul 18 2015

This is a beautiful, easy trail that follows the coastline. Saw a pod of dolphins/porpoises just off the beach playing in the surf. Trail meanders through scrub like grassland terrain.

Wed Oct 02 2013

A wonderful hike. If you start from the parking lot, take the Beach Trail, the Creamery Meadow trail is practically a road with nothing much to see. This takes you to the beach and then you join up with the Bluffs trail. There's a fork early on the bluffs trail, closer to the ocean the view is obscured by the hedges, but they provide shelter from the sometimes powerful wind. The trail is mostly flat, punctuated with drop/rises of about 30' to traverse the ravines. Fantastic views all around.

Thu Aug 29 2013

One of my favorites.. And a private beach make out session ;)

Mon Aug 26 2013

A beautiful hike with a great combination of mountain views to the east and the Pacific to the west! I highly recommend continuing the Bluffs Trail on to the Panorama Trail, which will meet up with the Ridge Trail and take you back to the parking lot for a wonderful eight mile loop. Not too strenuous--some uphill work if you go on to the Panorama Trail, but well-worth it!

3 days ago

2 months ago

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