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Bertha Peak Via Holcomb Valley Road (2N09)

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San Bernardino National Forest

Bertha Peak Via Holcomb Valley Road (2N09) is a 2.8 mile out and back trail located near Big Bear City, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 2.8 miles Elevation Gain: 718 feet Route Type: Out & Back

dog friendly

kid friendly


horseback riding

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wild flowers


Super easy short hike with great views - Big Bear and San Gorgonio This is a quick, easy, and painless hike to a fairly good size mountain 8201'. You get an amazing view of Big Bear Lake, and the San Gorgonio Wilderness. The only downside is the radio towers on top, but then again you can't have everything. The view from the other side is nice, just not as spectacular, you can see all of Holcomb Valley, Delamar Mountain and into the High Desert. If you've only got a couple of hours to spare in Big Bear, this is the hike for you. The only difficulty is the last .4 of a mile, the road is steep in spots. But, it shouldn't present a challenge to anyone. You may just need a few little rest stops. Bikes are allowed on the roads, but not on the PCT.

15 days ago

Most of the marked trail is actually fire road leading to the peak where a fire lookout exists. We took a wrong turn and ended up on the PCT and enjoyed that section but declined to walk straight up the Hill on a rocky 4x4 fire road with no view, no flowers etc. As one reviewer mentioned, it's rather steep and requires some heavy quad lifting to get up the Hill

8 months ago

100% not easy. I am pretty good shape as an acrobat, and this was for sure moderate.

Beautiful well-marked hike along part of the Pacific Crest Trail and up to Bertha’s Peak. Beautiful views throughout. The Bertha’s peak part had a lot of loose rock and (expected) steep inclines (only mentioning because it’s marked as an “easy” trail).

Sat May 18 2019

loved it! so pretty! I parked off of Holcomb Valley Road at the beginning of the PCT Trail, from there was four and a half to five miles to Bertha Peak. utilized PCT. Views were amazing of Big Bear Lake. I took my eight-year-old Chihuahua on it, it was pretty steep and Rocky in some areas though. it looks like it intersected cougar Creek Trailhead also.

Sat Jul 07 2018

Nice but more of a road than a trail for the majority of the distance. Not terribly well marked and easy to get off on an alternate route. The last 1/4 to 1/2 mike is very steep.

Sun Jun 24 2018

Definitely a “moderate”, not an “easy”. Dirt road to access was fine in our regular car as we took it slow, a lot of potholes but they weren’t too deep. Parked on a small pull out just before PCT. Really nice trail but a lot of steep climbing on a dirt road (especially near the top). The PCT options made it much nicer lower down. 4miles rt.

Sun Sep 24 2017

more difficult than stated easy rating

Sun Jul 16 2017

I read the reviews before trying, but was was unable to access the trailhead by minivan using polique canyon road. The access is via a two mile uphill stretch on unpaved road with tons of holes and sharp rocks. I was concerned that my tires wouldn't make it, so I turned around. I'd recommend you come only with 4wd and be prepared to drive very slowly if you want to get to the trailhead.

Sun Jun 18 2017

Just completed this trail and linked PCT trail to Big Pines. Fantastic views.

Fri Aug 12 2016

Great easy hike for beginners. The views are fantastic as well. It's worth it if you're looking for an easy stroll.

Sun Jul 10 2016

Great hike. The first mile was a steady climb before it mellowed out. Then that last mile was tough. But what a great view. My 8 year old son did a great job hiking it. We started at the Discovery Center and that added a half mile to the hike. 9 miles round trip

Sat Nov 14 2015

Beautiful Easy hike

Sat Nov 07 2015

Beautiful hike. Great view of the lake from the top. There are several intersections in the trail so bring this app along to use as a map. If you do that it is easy!!

Mon Jul 20 2015

A nice little day hike to do a SOTA activation. The peak at the radio towers were so-so, but the hike had excellent cell service if needed, the parking lot was very nice, and the trail well maintained and navigable. See my website / blog for video footage of this hike and others.

Fri Jun 19 2015

This is a relatively easy hike, except for the confusing array of intersections with the Pacific Crest Trail and forest service roads. Take Polique Canyon Road up from the 38 and park off the road at the top of the hill where it starts down into Holcomb Valley. The way I got through the confusion at trail intersections was to just keep going eastward. You can take either the forest service road or the trail part of the way. It gets steep at the end as you approach Bertha. Great views from the top down to the lake,and on the opposite side into Holcomb Valley, where the town of Belleville once was.

Wed May 06 2015

One other comment I have about this trail, after the rocky portion (first .5 miles), the trail comes along side a fire road. I was very unclear whether to take the fire road or continue on the trail. I would recommend finding out that answer before starting out. It seems that some here continued on the fire road while others stayed on the trail.

Fri Jul 13 2012

I did this hike today and it was a lot of fun. The views are great and I only saw two groups of people. There is two parking spots at the trail head which is exactly where alltrails says it is. Fun hike!

ohv/off road driving
16 days ago

6 months ago

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