Bernasconi Hills Trail to Teri's Peak

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Lake Perris State Recreation Area

Bernasconi Hills Trail to Teri's Peak is a 4.2 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Moreno Valley, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 4.2 miles Elevation Gain: 1,023 feet Route Type: Loop

dog friendly


horseback riding

mountain biking

nature trips


bird watching


wild flowers



washed out

This hike is short, but steep. You gain great vistas of the major Southern California Mountains and their respective ranges. Even in August, the temperatures cool down enough to hike it just before sunset, or in the cool of the morning. The hike offers incredible views of the San Gabriels and Bernardinos begin almost immediately. From the top you get clear shots of Jacinto, Gorgonio, and Baldy. Watching the sunset from this spot is exhilarating.

Fantastic trail!!! The views are amazing however we did come across a rattlesnake within 1 mile so use lots of caution.

no shade
over grown
7 months ago

Great hike, the elevation gain is good for training in preparation for the bigger hikes, such as the SoCal Sixpack. I would consider this to be more of a moderate to difficult hike, simply because of the longer distance and elevation gain. Great views at the top, absolutely gorgeous! I highly recommend this hike

Fri Mar 29 2019

It's too overgrown the path leads into big rocks and there's really no clear path up this little beauty mountain so be careful of rattlesnakes I'm not gonna do it plus parking sucks if you don't mind getting a contact high

Sat Mar 16 2019

It was an amazing hike . Definitely worth the view at the end . Make sure and go all the way up . All the way up until you reach the finish rock haha . It literally says finish on a huge rock . Some parts can get really steep and crazy . Tight spaces . Good lucks guys !

Sat Mar 16 2019

slightly washed out. still very doable hit the wrong trail back and ended up longer than expected. still good though.

Sun Feb 10 2019

Easy trail. First half, getting up to the peak was no problem. Coming down the mountain was a little challenging because of the rain. It became a bit rocky and the path was in clear at times. Overall it was a good hike

Sun Jan 06 2019

So fun! Try not to fall as you’re going down, the way up there was pretty moderate.

Sat Sep 22 2018

It makes you feel like you are away from everything.

Fri Feb 02 2018

One of my favorite trails near home. I do this one once a week for practice. Going up hill is the best part since their is a little of rock climbing involved. amazing view if Lake Perris

Fri Jan 19 2018

Great hike. Lot's of rugged terrain.

Sat Jul 08 2017

Great views a moderate trail a little steep nice view of lake

Thu Jun 08 2017

This trail took about 2 hrs at my own pace. It has a big incline that can get you tired if you are not in shape. Coming down was fun, don't fall, lol.

Tue May 02 2017

I love this trail

Wed Apr 05 2017

Omgod this incline kicked my butt. I went at my own pace. The going up was the hardest. The coming down the mountain was my favorite. I got sidetracked and wound up ina golf course area I just crossed thru the housing and came back on the loop.

Fri Feb 10 2017

Awesome hike! Just a lot of graffiti and trash but I would definitely do it again

Sun Oct 02 2016

This was not my kind of trail. Too rocky and at some point you don't have anymore trail and you have to rock climb.

Thu Jun 23 2016

Nice Workout about 5miles total We Do here :D

Wed Jun 15 2016

Nice trail..lots of Friends and Families hike here I personally love to hike this trail with my Kids

Sun Feb 14 2016

Very scenic once you get to the top! Stick to the trail.

Tue Oct 06 2015

It was non stop uphill. Fabulous views

Mon Aug 24 2015

Great short hike with great views and minor climbing. Trail is easy to find, not sure why others could not find. Directions.. park at the cul de sac, follow the trail that leads away from the 2 water towers, follow the dirt road that turns to pavement. on your right you will see a big field of grass, so go left up the trail that leads up the hill.. simple.. Also, after an hour or so of hiking you will end up in a flat plain( with soft sand ) that goes left and straight. follow the trail on the right and go straight and you will reach the top that over looks lake perris and all the surrounding mountains.. Hope this helps.. Good luck and enjoy..

Tue May 06 2014

Amazing view of Lake Perris!! This hike is steep incline (2 hour hike total) ..make sure you wear hiking boots or good tread. Take water and be careful of snakes...but we'll worth it:-):-)

Wed Jan 08 2014

Bernasconi is very beautiful and if you look for them you can find Native American art on the rocks. Unfortunately Bernasconi on the lake perris side will be closed soon for the next 3 yrs due to the reconstruction of the dam

Mon Jan 30 2012

Aside from one steep section, it was a quick and easy hike. The views were great all around. From the very top you can see a lake/reservoir. I went on a weekend and I only saw five other people.

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