Baltic Ridge OHV Trail is a 14.3 mile lightly trafficked point-to-point trail located near Kyburz, California that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for off road driving and is best used from June until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 14.3 miles Elevation Gain: 1,020 feet Route Type: Point to Point

dogs on leash

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over grown

ohv/off road driving
over grown
8 months ago

This trail is a fun level fire road through the Forrest. It does get tight at times so be prepared for pinstripes. Got some nice views at the beginning of the trail but we did this as a night run. It was really hard to stay on track and we had to double back a couple times. part of the trail is so over grown you can't make it through but the side trail connects back up. very hard to follow and on our way home we got hit with white out snow blizzard conditions. Took it slow and got down the mountain.

ohv/off road driving
over grown
8 months ago

Took my 2017 TRD Off Road on the trail and like most reviews it is pretty much just a dirt road, BUT the views from a few spots are outstanding. For me it was a great way to spend a few hours in the trees. I can see how some people got off the “route”. It is pretty confusing and I even have the Pro version so I can monitor my location without cell service. But it does look like most trails, no matter which one you end up in will eventually link back together. My biggest problem with the route is how over grown it is. We turned around after about an hour or so because I got tired of hearing the sound of branches in the side. I know that is part of being off road, but I’m not there yet with my ride. I’ll will try it again later, maybe in the winter when the roads are more wet.

ohv/off road driving
10 months ago

Had to deviate from mapped trail at one point as the road as mapped seemed impassable. Took the road that paralleled the creek. Luckily the road eventually met back up with main trail. Lots of side shrubs and pinstriping. Not a lot of scenic views but nice drive through the forest. Did with stock 4x4 pickup. Didn’t need to engage 4x4, but can see that in wetter conditions it might be more challenging.

Mon Nov 05 2018

A beautiful drive. I would not call it an off-road Trail however. It is poorly marked, download the map!

ohv/off road driving
Thu Sep 13 2018

The map shown is not Baltic Ridge trail. What is shown is a combination of several different trails and would be difficult to follow unless you know the area. The route shown from the higher elevation down is 9N30, right onto 10N47 and left onto 10N46 (Piliken Road) then ends at he junction of 9N30. Only the 9N30 portion is open in winter, but will be covered in 8+ feet of snow. The correct Baltic Ridge trail, starts about 2 miles up MET from where this one is shown to start. it follows along Baltic ridge and ends down at Bonetti road, only the very lower and upper ends show on the map. it is much narrower and over grown with brush on the higher end. 4WD is only need in one area when going up just before it crosses Piliken Road

ohv/off road driving
Wed Jun 06 2018

This was my first time going off road in my new TRD Pro 4Runner. It was a beautiful drive, a littlr dusty. I ended up taking a side trail that was pretty difficult but the 4Runner took everything like a champ. When I got off this side trail I got lost and I couldnt make it back on without a spotter. I just drove around for hours and finally found pavement. I will be coming back soon.

Sun Jun 03 2018

This trail / rough road was fun to explore. We kept finding ouselves on other roads because we did not have the map zoomed in enough. There are lots of roads and trails to explore connected to this trail. We did not find anything that a stock 4x4 could not handle. Make sure to download the map because there is no cell service.

ohv/off road driving
Sun May 13 2018

Not to bad was easy for my sequoia to get through. lots of other trails around area to explore.

ohv/off road driving
Sat May 12 2018

Just a dirt road that's poorly marked.

Tue Nov 28 2017

Is this trail open in winter?

ohv/off road driving
Fri Aug 18 2017

I drove this trail with a stock 2017 Chevrolet Colorado 4X4 (non-Z71) V6 and it was easy and fun and had no problems. The view is amazing too. I also drove other trails nearby in Darlington California which were also pretty simple with some trails being more bumpy in tougher. This was my first offroad adventure and wont be my last. I will eventually lift this truck to go through the tougher routes. If you are new to offroading or want a simple offroading experience then this a great trail.

Thu Jul 13 2017

Great trail. fairly easy. great first time trail.

ohv/off road driving
Thu Aug 11 2016

Nice trail to take a cruise on if near by. Stock 4x4 will have no problem.

ohv/off road driving
Tue Jul 09 2013

Nice trail if you are in the area. If you go late spring or early summer start at the top, as you may get blocked by snow, even if it looks clear from the bottom! Be prepared to move or go over fallen trees, as clean-up of this trail is not anyone's #1 priority. There are a few good views of the Crystal range, but mostly you see trees and dust. Any high clearance vehicle would be fine, 4WD would be nice on a few spots, but not required. This would be a great trail for a first time 4WD trip for anyone looking to get into 4 wheeling, just go mid to late summer, so the path will be clear.

2 days ago