13.6 miles
1,909 feet
Point to Point

off road driving

off road driving
6 months ago

I did trails 24 and 40 in mid March. I scouted the routes with satellite imagery. The end of Trail 40 looks like it leads back to the 33 freeway - but be warned it does not. You will need to go out the same way you came in.

Be careful to only use this OHV Park when it is dry. The dirt in the canyon and on the ridge is clay and will cake up on your tires. I got hit with rain while on the ridge and it was like off-roading in a car that had ice skates instead of tires. I had to wait for the Trail to dry out in order to safely extract my car.

Trail 40 is Best completed in a short wheelbase SUV or truck. On the south side of the mountain (the last few miles of Trail 40) you drive through a riverbed that is very narrow. I drive an FJ and couldn’t avoid scratching on trees and brush. A longer vehicle would get totally punished. You will not need a lift. I wouldn’t do it with street tires.

Trail 24 is mellow. Great trail to learn on. I suppose you could do it with 2WD but if it’s wet it’s just as slippery as the rest of the canyon and ridge.