Baldy Bowl Trail to Mount San Antonio is a 8.8 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Mt Baldy, California that features a waterfall and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from April until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

8.8 miles
3,923 feet
Out & Back

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Turn right onto Mt. Baldy Road (stop sign). After 7.2 miles you pass the Angles National Forest Mt. Baldy Visitor Center in Mt. Baldy Village. Turn right on Mt Ave. Continue a few miles up to Manker Flats.

29 days ago

I loved it started at 2:00 pm. Yesterday came back down devils back bone.

1 month ago

I've been to the top of Baldy at least 10 times over the past year or so, but I never went up Ski Hut/Baldy Bowl until today. Just like it looks on the map, it's one of the more direct trails to the summit, albeit quite a bit less scenic that the other options. It would be a nice way for newbie hikers to check Baldy off their 6 pack list, but for a much more scenic experience, consider at least descending via Devils Backbone. If you have legs and lungs for something more challenging, skip Baldy Bowl and take a romp up Register Ridge or Bear Canyon.

As of Sept 10th 2018 there was water available near the Ski Hut if you want to do the first few miles light and filter later.

2 months ago

Difficult, but rewarding. Amazing view!

3 months ago

very steep but rewarding.

3 months ago

Good hike given the proximity to LA.

3 months ago

best mountain ever

4 months ago

Beautiful views! Several spots to set up camp after the ski hut. Only a couple water sources in early July (at ski hut) you can find water/creek information in the town of Mt Baldy at the visitor center entrance.

4 months ago

Enjoyable summer hike on a weekday in June. Left at 8:30 in the morning and only met 5 hikers until reaching the summit. As others suggested, hiking poles are most definitely recommended- I went without. The hike is strenuous particularly the section where the brown trail marking poles are found about one half mile
From the top.

I am a 57 year old in very good condition but not a frequent hiker and not used to the altitude. Great day but challenging. Definitely need very good hiking shoes and highly recommend poles.

Excellent views the whole way up

6 months ago

Excellent day with my lady and pup. Monday is my new favorite baldy day. No crowds at all.

7 months ago

Great views & a decent workout. No snow left up there. Coming down I wish I had poles for the first mile or so as it's steep and very dry/loose dirt/gravel surface. We slid down some sections like we were basically riding a skateboard. The sound of the waterfall lets you know when you're almost back to the parking lot.

7 months ago

This trail is so short! I started at 1 pm and I reached the summit at 3h50 pm. Very windy, cloudy and cold on the summit so I only stayed there for 10 minutes. I was back down at 5h50 pm. I will definitely do it again soon! It is one of my favorite hikes! Beautiful aerial views along the trail!

8 months ago

Awesome trail! On March 10, hiked up Baldy Bowl and down Devil’s Backbone to the Notch, about 7.5 miles total. Took the chairlift down the rest of the way. The hike itself took only 4 hours and 3min, but I set a very aggressive pace for myself due to time constraints. The first three miles up to just beyond the ski hut took 1h20min, the next 1.5 miles up to the summit took 1h20min (this segment is very strenuous and absolutely kicked my butt) and the summit down to the Notch took 1h25min. I set out from Manker Flats at 5:22am (with a headlamp as it was not yet twilight) and got to the Notch at 9:26am. The trail was mostly clear of snow and ice for the first three miles. Microspikes were necessary for most of the upper section to the summit due to ice and snow particularly in the steep section beginning about 1/2 mile after the hut. I had downloaded a route into my Garmin watch, which was very helpful (read: necessary) because there are sections between the hut and the summit where it would be very easy to lose the trail. Hiking down Devil’s Backbone was a little scary in parts due to ice and snow along the precipitous drop-offs, however there was enough ground exposed so that I could easily identify and avoid the snow cornices. It is a little hairy right at the western entrance to the Backbone section as there is a lot of snow wedged in the corner next to a fairly steep dropoff. Overall it is a very fun and pretty challenging hike, with amazing views and spectacular scenery along the whole route. Hiking up Baldy Bowl to the summit is an a**kicker but worth the effort. On Devil’s Backbone this time of year use caution and tread carefully along precipitous sections of the trail; and be prepared - I would recommend microspikes and trekking poles, and also bring some layers because there were very significant changes in temperature at the different elevations and much wind chill at the summit.

9 months ago

Having hiked this trail dozens of times, I have never done it in February before this trip. It is definitely a dry year with just a few areas of icy snow in the gully section, I used my spikes but they were really not necessary. As always there was a lot of traffic as this is one of the most popular trails in the San Gabriels.

9 months ago

Went up the baldy bowl itself straight from the ski hut to the baldy peak. This is NOT the regular trail and is a popular mountaineers route when snow conditions are good; however, I did it with no snow in February. It was a difficult scramble because of loose sharp rocks and steep sandy/rocky surface. I would only recommend this with snow.

9 months ago

Hiked here on leg on Mt. Baldy hike. It would be great as a standalone hike to the summit, though quite steep in parts of it. The Ski Hut was an interesting diversion along the way.

10 months ago

amazing trail

11 months ago

It was a freezing hike but a lot of people.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

I recommend this way up because of the lose rock. It can be dangerous coming down, so take Devil's backbone down instead. Theres also a restaurant at the end of Devil's backbone, so its a treat near the end.

Monday, October 09, 2017

Great for training. Steep ascent. Take Baldy Bowl trail up and down. The Devils Backbone Trail is fun descent but the fire road after the ski lodge is long and boring. No permit needed. 5.5 hrs

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A straight forward easy trail to the top of Mt Baldy. I hiked this three days ago as my last peak to complete the SoCal Triple Crown in 24 hours. I had already completed San Jacinto Marion Trail and San Gorgonio Vivian Creek via Momyer Parking lot due to primary parking lot being full prior to this hike and was still able to check this off in 4 h 04 min from car to car. Easy or hard is relative - to me, this was the easiest of the the trails I had done that day.

The feedback I have is the risk of hiking at night alone and the fact that I had to do a little route finding since I was not familiar with the trail and there were a few side trails that could be confused as primary trail. If you hike this trail during the day route finding should NOT be an issue. Trail is well defined and marked. On the way back down I had zero issues finding the route.

Water is available at the stream near the ski hut, which is more than half way up to the top distance wise but from there you still have about 2,000' in climb left. Just remember if you are traveling light and want to use the water source, you still have to go up then come back down before you get to the same water source again. Some people forget the water source is double the distance to the summit. Because I hiked at night and I didn't push myself to the point of perspiration I consumed only 1L of water the entire trip. This would be a good mountain to hike at night on a clear day to view the stars.

A good easy mountain to hike if you have half a day or night to kill.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Needs more water meaning deeper creek or rivers to cliff jump their wasent any

Friday, June 30, 2017

I made a loop by going up Baldy Bowl and down Devil's Backbone. Roughly 11 miles according to 2 gps I have. Wow! climbing Baldy Bowl was no joke. Great workout and so beautiful. I'm a huge fan. Most people brought trekking poles which I recommend. Everyone should do this loop.

trail running
Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I knew it would be difficult but OH MAN. Totally worth the suffer fest.

Monday, June 05, 2017

This was my #2 out of the 6 peaks I have now completed. I made the loop from Manker Flats up the Ski Hut Trail, up the Baldy Bowl Trail to the Summit then down Devils Backbone. I LOVED every minute of it! The view were epic and breathtaking! The Ski Hut Trail/Baldy Bowl Trail is absolutely gorgeous! I would definitely do this again very soon!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Loved the scenic views
Pet friendly and kid friendly too. Breathtaking waterfall once you get to the ski hut.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Very steep coming down, but a good hike.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Great hike!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

No equipment needed.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Friday, February 24, 2017

Bowlaholic..!! :)

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