Arnold Rim Trail

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Arnold Rim Trail is a 7.6 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Arnold, California that features a river. The trail is rated as moderate offers a number of activity options. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

7.6 miles
1407 feet
Out & Back

dog friendly


mountain biking

road biking

trail running

horseback riding




wild flowers


Great views of forests, waterfall, canyons, and streams. Many birds and wildlife. Breathtaking vistas with panoramic views stretching from Mt. Diablo in the East Bay Area to snowy Mt. Lyell on the high eastern slopes of the Sierras near Yosemite, then dive down into canyons with streams coursing through the shade of older growth forests of cedar, pine, fir and oak. High rocky promontories, native acorn grinding rocks, a magnificent waterfall, many birds and wildlife of all kinds, and a lake.

10 days ago

Definitely know where you are going.
I am pretty sure we started at the beginning, a parking lot in Arnold at a park and museum around, at 6:30.
The goal was to get to the "top of the world" view, but at a fork, 3 miles in, we took the wrong trail and ended up down at a creek. Do not follow the AllTrails app, it will lead you to the creek. Make sure to take the ALTERNATE ROUTE maker if you want to get to the top and see the fall. The creek was pretty, but definitely a little bit of a downer.
I brought my 35lb pack for training and would consider this trail easy. For the most part, you are headed uphill on your way back.
We got to see a bear right at the beginning of the trail! There are some breathtaking parts. There are a couple parts where the trail is lined with small christmas trees (idk what they actually are) on both sides and it looks and smells wonderful!
You don't pass any water, at least this time of year, unless you head down to the creek, so make sure to pack enough water.

18 days ago

A wonderful trail with a breathtaking view! It was just me and my dog the whole time. Give yourself enough time to hang out and enjoy the view for a while! Enjoy!

27 days ago

Easy hike- part of the trail is paved then it gets beautifully rough and muddy.

1 month ago

Beautiful foggy, drizzly November day. Saw one other person in two hours of hiking.

2 months ago

we did this trail to "The top of world" on 9/29/17. Beautiful trail through the forest till the very end. We too a side trail for a bit and the "steep" portion of 0.7 miles that felt like much more. Take the alternate route if you want an easier hike ( at appx 2.7 miles in) clearly marked. at the top of the world you are rewarded with an almost 360 degree view for many many miles....worth the hike up.
I had read an earlier review that says " not for children or grandma". .I am 63 and have problems with my knees, hips and back....and I am just dumb enough to take that as a challenge..they may have been right, but I survived. sore but glad I went. Took us about 6 hours. we did a bit on a side trail and ended up doing 10 miles. mosquito netting for your face would be a very good idea!

4 months ago

Beautiful, alternate routes are a bit steep. Wound up doing about 12 miles. Bring lots of water and watch out for snakes.

4 months ago

It's beautiful! Will go back again. Some dog owners are naive and let their dogs walk off leash knowing they're harmful.. my dog (miniature toy poodle) almost got attacked by a German shepherd.. if it wasn't for me hugging her against a tree she would've been dead. They have signs everywhere to keep dogs on leash. Signs are there for a reason.

6 months ago

Beautiful, shaded and Easy even for the average hiker.

6 months ago

Beautiful hike, definitely moderate and may be difficult for beginners. San Antonio Falls overlook is beautiful but the actual SAF are easily missed if you don't go beyond the initial rocks. The trail down to the creek can be easily missed, but ask others on the hike and from my experience, everyone was friendly and willing to give you directions. I did both the hike up the SAF (ART overlook) and down to the stream and ended up doing 11 miles. Worth it! Very important, buy insect repellent (mosquitoes are aggressive lol) and of course, sunblock.

7 months ago

Beautiful single track trails, with some amazing views and waterfall. Great for training or hiking.

7 months ago

Love this trail. There are many side trails and entrances which make it easy to get disoriented. Luckily there are always a lot of hikers, at least on the weekends.

Great trail! It ended up being almost 8.5 miles round trip if you go all the way to the creek.

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Very technical for trail running! Loved

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Awesome trail! My wife and I came to Arnold during our 13th anniversary and found this trail. What a good hike! Beautiful country!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

great trail that interfaces with the US Forest Service trails/roads.

Does anyone know a map that shows both sets of trails with markings?

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Beautiful trails! Wish we could have found the waterfall.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Great trail. What a beautiful hike. Will do again.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Loved it. Beautiful hike not many people at all on this trail.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Beautiful and moderately challenging for us for folk. Beware of poison oak!

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Beautiful trails and amazing views at the destination! Don't take the alternate route- no need -and it cost us an extra 2.5 miles!

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