Alamere Falls via Coast Trail from Palomarin Trailhead

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Alamere Falls via Coast Trail from Palomarin Trailhead is a 8 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Bolinas, California that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

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Alamere Falls is a tidefall waterfall that flows into the ocean in Point Reyes National Seashore, northwest of San Francisco in Marin County. This popular Bay Area coastal hike can be reached via the Coast Trail from the Palomarin Trailhead. The parking area can be accessed at the end of Mesa Road outside of Bolinas. The trail offers great views of the Pacific Ocean - including the Farallon Islands on a clear day - as well as Bass and Pelican lakes. This is a well-marked coastal trail to Alamere Falls. When you get to the falls walk just past the top fall, cross over it and down to the other falls. Beach access is on the right down a manageable but unstable cliff. Do not attempt to go down during high tide as the shale rock is slippery and rogue waves can drag visitors into the surf. Long pants and sleeves are recommended as Poison Oak does grow along the trail. The trail is maintained by the National Park Service so check out one of the visitor centers for additional information. Be careful not to miss the unmarked trail to the falls. It's about 4 miles up. There's a little rock climbing involved at the end.

13 hours ago

Lot of elevation and rock climbing at the end of the trail, the view was amazing and it’s worth the hike. Lot of people on the trail though. Parking is small and tough, be prepared.

3 days ago

rough trail towards the end of the hike near waterfall but worth it.

4 days ago

Getting started early is a must - the parking lot at the trailhead is fairly small and this is one of the more popular hikes in the area, so it fills up really quickly. Beware the poison oak, and there’s a bit of rock climbing near the end to actually get to the falls. Otherwise a beautiful day hike!

10 days ago

Got there at about 1pm, right as the first crowd was leaving, got great parking. Timed perfectly for a picnic at the beach, and sunset from the top of the ridge about one-half mile in. FYI: There is a dirt road for about a mile before the trailhead. Potholes

11 days ago

This is by far my most favorite trail. For 8.8 miles, you get everchanging views (ocean, forest, lakes), weather (overcast, clear and sunny), and terrain so that you’re constantly stimulated all the way to the end where there’s a tricky steep descend to get to the beach. But oh is it worth it!

16 days ago

It was a beautiful hike......

18 days ago

Fun trail, ends on a beautiful beach

19 days ago

So many great views of coastline, vegetation, and water. many sections are shaded, and the hike was long but easy. I highly recommend this one, it’s one of my top picks for Bay Area hikes!

20 days ago

Great hike! Some just take the unofficial trail to go to the top of the falls. I suggest both this and moving forward to head to the beach. From there, you can proceed south to see the falls into the beach. Be careful for the rising tide as there is a section on the beach in which the water will go up to the vertical cliffs. I logged 16 miles in 6 hours.

20 days ago

This trail goes in and out of so many different types of terrain, you never get bored! Great views and the waterfall is a nice treat before heading back. We took Palomarin Trail Head out to Wild Cat Camp (pit toilets and water spout) then walked the gorgeous beach to the falls and back out to the trail head. It was just over 13 miles. There is a lot of poison oak, so long sleeves and pants is a good choice.

25 days ago

Great panoramic views

27 days ago

Great trail - well marked except for the turnoff to the waterfall which is somewhat hidden. We overshot it at first but found it thanks to AllTrails.

1 month ago

A tiny bit of scrambling but very reasonable for folks who regularly hike.

1 month ago

beautiful views at the end of the trail!!! be prepared for some rock climbing though.. not for beginners.

1 month ago

1. Come early (4 cars at 7.30 am vs 60 at 11 am)
2. Cars with low clearance will face issues (unpaved road last 1 mile to trailhead)
3. Covered clothes (shirt and pants) highly suggested (poison ivy last 0.5 miles)
4. Look for arrow sign (made of rocks on trailpath) pointing to ur left at 4-4.5 miles going in. This path leads to falls.
5. Come to be wooed away. Water is gushing right now and so are ocean’s tides. Too risky to go down till the beach
6. Moderate rating bcoz of distance and rocky trailpath.

1 month ago

Perfect day hike. Pretty lush views the whole way then gorgeous waterfalls in full force. Definitely wear your hiking boots, as there are a lot of steep parts with loose footing

1 month ago

Path is wide, but slightly deceiving as path narrows (single file) when u go to falls. There are no signs and passed it. someone made an arrow pointing to falls made of rocks. Well worth the trip yesterday....will do again.

1 month ago

This was a gorgeous hike! To the point made by others: Yes, it does get a bit crowded in the parking lot and on the trail on weekends. My suggestion: Go on a weekday and/or start early in the a.m., and carpool if possible. Yes, the last little stretch of road to get to the parking spot is a bit rough on cars that are lower to the ground. The hike itself is a nice one! Watch for poison oak - suggest you wear light layers/long sleeves and pants to protect from exposure. I agree with the Moderate rating, as some of the less experienced folks in our group struggled on some of the hills and on the scramble down rocks to see the waterfall. I highly recommend the hike for views and diverse terrain. Well worth the time!

1 month ago

There are way too many people there, giving it a touristy feel. The parking lot is congested and the last mile or so of the road in is not paved (don’t take your Ferrari on this hike). They should have rated the hike as easy. The views are nice but this is far from the best trail at Point Reyes. If you still feel compelled to hike it be sure not to go on a weekend.

1 month ago

Had a Great Time hiking this trail! Come early as parking lot becomes full by 11:00am

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