Abrigo Valley Trail to Mott Peak Trail Loop

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Briones Regional Park

Abrigo Valley Trail to Mott Peak Trail Loop is a 4.3 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Lafayette, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 4.3 miles Elevation Gain: 695 feet Route Type: Loop

dog friendly


mountain biking

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wild flowers


Abrigo trail is a popular all weather trail used by a variety of park users. Abrigo Valley Trail is a part of a network connecting with Mott Peak Trail and Santos Trail, ending at Briones Crest. Also an access trail to Maud Whalen and Wee-Ta-Chi camps.

Beautiful hike. With a gradual incline, it never gets too intense. Lots of ridges to walk along and see valleys and rolling hills with ponds and lonely trees scattered through. You get to see some cows, as well as lots of types of birds. Gradual decline as well. Making it an easy finish.

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24 days ago

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25 days ago

A beautiful view of the entire bay area all the way till Livermore. Challenging!

A perfect moderate/short hike in spring.

3 months ago

Nice wide trail. Very easy. We took a longer detour that added about a mile. Pretty views from the top of the hill.

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3 months ago

This was my first hike in briones and I LOVED it! So beautiful and green with awesome views! Saw some cows and horses while hiking...and two coyotes! This particular trail was fairly easy, not a lot of steep climbs. It was clear and warm today so no mud. I can’t wait to go back and explore this area!

Hiked on a very windy day but it was gorgeous. Expansive views. Early February and all the mud had dried up. Saw some people but wasn’t crowded at all.

Lovely trail. Lots of birds, frogs, and a newt lizard. Little muddy on Abrigo trail. We went counterclockwise, which was great. Sit awhile at the Sindicich Lagoon and listen to the birds.

5 months ago

A nice little loop trail with a good mix of level and incline. Trail follows a mostly dirt road that’s a minefield of cow poop as the trail goes through open pasture land. Highest point is a nice lookout over Martinez and the eastern limb of the SF Bay. Hiked in mid-November with less than an inch of rain over 5 months so if you’re looking for a hike that looks like Ireland, the dry season is not the time.

hike with Meet Up Hike on group - Sun 8/18/19

Windy and so beautiful! Blooming flowers, chirping birds and pooping cows! Sunny Saturday but not too many other people on the trail, just a wonderful little hike. Will come back to explore this area more!

Mon Apr 08 2019

This was a great hike— transports you to Ireland. Moderate. Easily done with kids. The rolling green hills were beautiful and the weather was gorgeous. It was a nice escape from SF. Want to come back and try other trails in the area.

Parts were very muddy, most of it was fine though. Beautiful views, wildflowers are starting to bloom.

Sun Mar 17 2019

the views vary nicely, perfect with a dog and kids. 2.hours roughly with moderate difficulty going up and down. it was pretty muddy in spots at the end of rainy season but would likely dry out in a few weeks.

Tue Jan 29 2019

My partner and I took our pup out. It was such a wonderful hike, some open fields mixed in with gorgeous canopy cover.

Sat Nov 24 2018

Most of it is open grazing land. The cows are nice, but after awhile the smell gets to you. And the trails are pretty rutted. Made for challenge mud situations.

Sun Apr 15 2018

Great 2-2.5 hour afternoon hike, especially after all the rain: very green, beautiful wildflowers, great views, plenty of cows, and not too muddy. The lagoons are especially picturesque.

Sat Aug 26 2017

Perfect length for us and our corgi.

Mon Jun 12 2017

Good moderate level hike. Beautiful views. Lots of cows. The map on here takes you to a private road that you cannot go through. To get to this trail, keep going on happy valley rd then make a right into bear creek rd. until you get to Bear Creek Staging on the right. There's a few parking lots. Gets pretty windy when you get higher too. Overall, great hike. Made it in 3 hrs, 4 miles with frequent breaks. Our 5 year old hiked the whole way himself and 2 year old was on my back most of the time. Kids loved it.

Thu May 18 2017

This was a good casual morning hike.

Mon Apr 03 2017

Really green and lush now--wildflowers are starting to pop. Due to the rains and the cows the trails are really rutted and there are still a few really muddy areas. But definitely worth getting out into all that green now in the spring-- probably will be too hot for me in the summer as it's mostly exposed-- which makes great views though.

Sun Oct 02 2016

Hiked this in October once the temperatures had started to drop since there isn't much tree coverage along this hike. We opted to go in a clockwise direction but continued past Mott Peak Trail on Abrigo Valley Trail and headed east until it connected to the Briones Crest Trail and then reconnected with the "official" trail at the Mott Peak and Briones Crest Trail junction. Some decent views from the top, only a few cows, and hardly any people. 10/2/16

Fri Sep 16 2016

Nice hike with some good climbs and views. Grab a map and take a better route than this map shows. No reason not to loop the hike. Briones is such a great place to hike. As long as you have a trail map you can change things up on the fly to a larger degree than almost anywhere in the bay. If you like you can do from 2 -20 miles and still be in the system with a map in your hand...

Sat Sep 10 2016

We hiked as a group of 28 hikers. We started on the Abrigo Valley trail. We ascended to the Mott Peak trail to the Briones Crest trail. We followed the Crest trail on to the Crescent Ridge trail. The Crescent Ridge trail then toke us past the Archery Range and back to the parking lot. Total distance was 7 miles and total elevation was 1,339 feet with some steep hills to climb. Total time was 3 hours with brief stops to ensure the group stays together, and a 15 minute break at a halfway point. Our moving time was 2 hr. and 15 min. Average speed was 3.1 mph. The weather was sunny with cool winds. It was a great hike.

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