12.5 miles
1,833 feet

dog friendly

mountain biking

trail running


5 months ago

This links up with some lovely trails, but I wouldn't approach them from this trailhead again.
There is no signage for the trailhead, just a dirt pull off next to a private driveway, but the trail is broad, well maintained, and easy to find from there. We opted to do the entire outer loop starting with the right-hand trail, 8 Ball, first, and 8 Ball is a four-mile walk down Marysville Rd. At times you're actually walking on the shoulder of the road; not exactly tranquil. During this stretch you do a fair amount of crossing roads and other trails with no signage in any direction, and I was glad to have the map on this app running to refer to. After four miles, you reach the Rebel Ridge trailhead, at which point the trail heads down through beautiful forrest to a lovely walk along Bullards Bar. From there on out the hike was very enjoyable. I will definitely avoid the portion of trail that runs along the road in the future. This was a fairly gentle hike, rolling hills without much serious up-hill, and almost entirely under cover of forrest.