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Photos of Sandstone Castles via Twin Falls Trail

Distance: 6.8 miles Elevation Gain: 1,220 feet Route Type: Out & Back




nature trips







off trail

no dogs

over grown
1 month ago

OMG! This trail was definitely intense at times going either way. The scenery is gorgeous and worth the walk but be prepared to work for it. We were our watches from start to finish and it was 9 MILES round trip. We started from Richland Creek Camogrounds to Sand Stone Castle and back. The trail is difficult to follow at times because if the rocks and overgrowth with some trees down. It easy to get off trail if not paying attention. There are several markings along the way with orange or pink tied to trees or red paint on trees. Here are some things to know: At campgrounds find the one with stairs with metal hand rail leading down (close to the beginning), take a left at bottom of stairs and look to see a wooden sign...this is the start. Once through, look across creek you will see sign for Twin Falls Trail. Look for a tree across the creek and cross over. Then make way to sign. Trail starts here and goes left up Hill and then veers right along side can he hard to tell trail but it is there. From there follow trail as best you can until you reach where 2 creeks merge. You will encounter areas that are very narrow to pass, have only rock as the trail, overgrowth or trees are in the way, and 1 spot you must walk along edge of rocks or in the water to keep going...the ledge is good if water is may still get feet wet. Once you get to 2 creeks, go left to where you can cross thru small falls and over the rocks or if tree is still there cross over it...must get to other side. You can walk thru the water but be prepared it can be deep (looks can be deceiving) from there go to right to get back in trail with water on your right again. it should be marked if still there. Follow to waterfalls. Not too far from here. To continue to Sand Stone Castle you must backtrack until you see a trail split up and over ridge...from waterfalls it will be in your right as you walk is steep. once on trail follow to creek to cross over above waterfall. you. will see a couple of campsites in between them is trail that goes up to sand stone castle. IT IS VERY STEEP to start. The incline is no joke at times but does level off at times with less incline or becomes flat. Just follow trial and you will arrive! There are several caves just keep walking thru them until end. The trail does continue here (not sure where) we turned around. The descent was hard on your knees and calves. Need good shoes and walking sticks. Take your time and don't rush. Loose rocks and steep terrain and/or fatigue will get get you. Awesome views!