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4 months ago

This review is for the "White Trail" at Iron Mountain. Note if someone knows how to create a new "account" for this trail or can point me to its section location, I'll migrate it over. I just didn't see any dedicated "White Trail" section under Iron Mountain.

Am just starting back into trail riding after 15 years of occasional road rides on my Giant hybrid bike. Got a new Trek MTB this year and am easing into AR trails.

Went down to Iron Mountain Sunday morning with a buddy. Weather was perfect at 80 degrees and clear. We parked in a large gravel parking lot about 50 yds(?) from the White Trail. We traversed clockwise. No others were on path at 8am.

A fantastic 5 mile trail! The trail was in great condition; no obstacles, no ruts, dry but not too dusty. "Picturesque" best describes the White Trail in Arkadelphia. Great for photographs. There are plenty of opportunities to pull off trail and take in scenery, even dip your toes into Lake DeGray.

Again, having just begun sampling a few MTB trails in Arkansas, I'm not in MTB leg shape. I had no problems with the downhills and there are several decents with "somewhat flowy runs", at least to my eyes. These allow you to test your disk brakes and bike balance. = fun!

There are also a few mild uphill runs that forced me to miss shift my 11 SHRAM gears and/or come off my RaceFace pedals due simply to my
inexperience and not-ready-for-primetime biking legs. I noted to my buddy during the ride that I still play full court B-ball at 55 with mostly 20/30 year-olds but "MTB bike shape" is a different fitness focus.

Meaning... I took a few 60+ sec breathers on a few of the longer, winding uphills. But to me, having to bail on an uphill or two provides me with plenty of motivation for the next visit.

According to my Strava app, my elapsed pedaling time was 51 minutes. We were probably ON the trail for 90 minutes or so accounting for pictures and water/nutrition breaks.

Iron Mountain White Trail was recommended by nearly all experienced MTB bike owners. It did not disappoint and I'll be back in a few weeks.

The trail loop is roughly 5 miles long so bring water for sure, nutrition if needed, emergency bike parts just in case. Closer to 10 am we saw other bikers on the trail, traveling in both directions.

A great time!