Indian Creek Trail

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Indian Creek Trail is a 4.7 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Jasper, Arkansas that features a waterfall and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

4.7 miles
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Indian Creek trail is known for the most accidents in the Buffalo River trail system. To reach the falls you must scramble through a rocky creek, at times wading through water or you must travel on the sheer edge of a high bluff, or a combination of the above. The reward is in the scenery .

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Poorly marked
No grand views

Very physically demanding
Poorly marked (also a pro because I like a challenge)
Unique scenery (rock formations and boulders mostly) Feeling of complete isolation
Low traffic

Don’t drive a car to get to it. I drove my miata (survived) and am still shaking gravel out of places. Apple maps will lead you right to it though. Kyles Landing provides great camping as well beside the trail head for $6, self-pay. Restrooms as well.
The trail itself as I stated is poorly marked and some trees have fallen blocking certain paths. When in doubt or feeling lost, follow the creek bed and you’ll reach the cave at the end (which is inaccessible due to the prevention of white nose disease for bats). If it’s dry, it’s not a huge problem navigating upstream. Didn’t get my feet wet once in October. Definitely dangerous in some places, but that’s part of the fun! Took me nearly 3 hours to complete the trail, and I stopped and took plenty of photos and plenty of meanderings. Only ran into 2 other people along the way. Would rate this 9.7/10, just wishing the camping was free.

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Great, hard and dangerous

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Fun hike but so much elevation gain! Was in fairly good shape when I went and found myself and my partner winded on these climbs. Very worth it, camped on the river and was able to go back through about 7 river crossings. Be sure to bring shoes that can get wet or you're able to be fairly stable in the river for when you might have to cross.

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My favorite trail in Arkansas.

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If you're trying to get really injured or die do this hike! seriously this was the most dangerous and treacherous hike I've ever done. To say that this is not a well marked hike is an understatement. There are NO signs indicating the trail goes to eye of the needle or Indian creek which had us circling the campgrounds and ultimately driving back to somewhere with service to phone a friend and confirm that the buffalo river trail / kyles landing sign was the right place to start. And as if this wasn't already a treacherous "hike" there's a million and one spiderwebs for you to walk face first into (going during summer not advised at all go in fall or spring although I wouldn't go in general). Rocks are extremely slippery. We are in our 20s athletic and in good shape and we still are very much in pain.
I really wish I could say the end made it all worth it but it didn't Bc a) a hiker on his way back said to not go through the eye as it was really slippery and he had injured himself hence why he was high tailing it out so he could stitch up his hand b) the cave and waterfall you could see were anticlimactic. All in all just look up a picture of this place on google it's not worth dying for.

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Seriously one of the Best trails I've been on. If you're looking for adventure, you've found it here! Note towards the end of the trail there are 4 rope lines you must use to get up to the bluff. Once you reach the bluff, you will scale the side to the left. There is a little hole you must pass under then climb just a little more before reaching the Eye of the Needle. There is also a cool little cave just off to the right.

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Great hike!

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Great Hike!! Challenging but worth it!! Not a ton of water, but still a few swimming holes for the kids to swim in!

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We just hiked up the indian creek trail last Friday. Man it was awesome!!!! we went the high road on the way there and then walked the river side on the way back. We were told there wouldn't be any water there at this time of the year, but we went anyways. there was water in many spots flowing. still was an absolute blast to go see. we climbed the bluff and went through the cave and up to the eye of the needle. it was awesome. definitely a trail you do not want to miss. we did catch a couple snakes along the way so be careful, they were copperheads.

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My favorite trail in Arkansas so far. Definitely could be dangerous if you go while the creek is up. I recommend taking the bench trail on the bluff when you can. The eye of the needle, the amphitheater, and the cave waterfall are all amazing. The view from the top of the eye is fantastic as well.