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1,023 feet
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6 months ago

Caution: This is a tad on the long side, but I hope it will benefit someone so that they don't end up like my hiking group did when we set out to complete this trail. I am not a negative person and I HIGHLY looked forward to this trail and am saddened that our group was not able to complete it. **I will update this review and change the score if I am ever able to hike this trail in its entirety.** After following all the instructions to find this place (first left turn immediately after the bridge, by the way), our group followed the gravel road of 5881 until we reached the crook where you are to get on the trailhead. After parking and getting our packs on, we set off down what seemed to be the trail, but could not confirm because the trail does not have a single marker and is very poorly maintained, if maintained at all by anything other that apparent ATV tracks that have created the beginning of the trail path. We followed the directions and checked the coordinates multiple times to make sure we headed the correct direction as laid out by this site and the provided map. A short while later, maybe one quarter-mile or more, we encountered moving water (which we assumed to be Hurricane Creek) and attempted to ford it, but it was impassable without severe risk. After making it to a piece of land in the middle of the creek, we decided against trying to continue because there were no indications of a trail on the other side and the other half of the creek was much deeper and producing white water. Our group, now drenched to the thighs and boots filled with water, we returned back to the truck to make a plan B. If you are going here during the Spring, be wary, as this trail requires waders that are apt for trout fishing and some very good balance, otherwise you could get very wet or even hurt. If you end up in the same situation that we did, visit Pedestal Rock Trail, as it was one of the most beautiful hikes I've done in the area and isn't too far away from this one. Hope this will save someone a massive headache.