23.3 miles
2,339 feet
Out & Back

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off road driving



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historic site

off road driving
7 months ago

A fast 23 mile in and out that took about 4-5 hours with a couple of stops. Starting at the trailhead off of US60, the trail winds its way through the relatively flat land of state owned land until you get to the Reymart Trail split off. From there it becomes a little more hilly and have to cross a few washes. As you get closer to Ajax mine, the path become more narrow and more rocky but nothing you can't handle and then it suddenly opens up at Ajax with the or processing building appearing on your right. Up above and behind the building, we found a saguaro cactus being strangled by trees. Further up the trail, we found a filled in mine (or maybe it was a test hole).

Returning the way we came, we turned right where the trail splits and climbed a relatively steep grade up to the Woodpecker mines. We visited four mines and counted a few more in the area.

At the junction of 5 trails (two of which take you to Box Canyon), we took the southwesterly trail and climbed the hill, at the top, we made a right and climbed another trail some more to the peak and enjoyed the view and luck for about an hour. Looking down below we saw side-by-sides, atvs, motorcycles, and 4x4s driving past.

We will definitely come back and take other trails in the area.