2.7 miles
426 feet
Out & Back

dogs on leash


trail running




4 months ago

Yet ANOTHER amazing day with ANOTHER amazing hike and the same amazing dude. This little canyon is full of hidden gems on the trail and right off the beaten path- as many of the best places are. On your way to them, be wary of the little water spots that collect in the canyon from the short rains and snow-melt. As athletic and graceful as you might be, even the best fall down sometimes. When I heard my dude take a little trip behind me, I thought, "Oh my gosh... He freakin' dead." Being the awesome champ that he is though, he caught himself with his strong arms and evaded death once more. What a man. Never let a sign tell you when to stop hiking- at the end of every canyon is another wall to climb up. Every climb and hike is made even more beautiful when I get see him in the red rocks- golden and glowing. I always find a new hidden treasure on every trail, but I have the most valuable one walking along with me.
Advisory: unless you're as big a fan of backpack and sports bra tanlines as I am, sunscreen is highly recommended.
The Prince and Princess of Sedona
Red Rock Royalty
-Lauren Rose