West Boulder Trail

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West Boulder Trail is a 14.4 mile out and back trail located near Gold Canyon, Arizona that offers scenic views. The trail is only recommended for very experienced adventurers and primarily used for hiking.

14.4 miles 1623 feet Out & Back




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Let's start by saying this. The view from the trail head is approximately around 1 mile and the elevation rises around 1k feet. Very steep. To the top of the first small mountain. From here you can see weavers needle and a few other awesome points. But Let me just make a point very clear, STOP THERE. I repeat STOP. The top view is beautiful. There is ABSOLUTELY no need to head down the trail into the canyon, unless you would like to get assaulted by the heat, the canyon, rocks, brush, gnats, exposed trail. But if you have made it down the canyon there are no trail markers. Sure there are cairns, but those are very small and can be missed. Once you're down at the canyon you have TWO options. First option; continue onto the 15 mile hike. If that wasn't your intention look back to where you came from... Yes, that's right around 2-3k elevation back up my friends. Debate whether you want to live or not. Because this is the only way back up to the trail. I do NOT recommend it. Then there is a last resort for those that are looking up into the daunting canyon walls as they hover from above taunting you. Follow the creek. It is rocky and some bush whacking will be involved, but as someone who had to back track over 9 miles of hardcore rock climbing/hiking/scrambling up the canyon on that one trail. I suggest take that way out. You will come across, EVENTUALLY, a trail that follows the creek. But it might be a few miles in. So you look back, you don't want to do the canyon back up. You don't want to do the creek. So what do you do? Trek along onto the 15 mile hike. Good luck! It'll take you a good two day hike. Okay, fine you will continue on crossing the creek bed and will pass the red clay stone mine on your left, at this point it is all up to destiny or GPS reader or map. This was mine and my friends turn around moment realizing the immense mistake we made. And the rest is just history. Did I mention to brings loads of water. LOADS! Sunscreen, good shoes, and a spirit, as high as can be, because this canyon is very difficult and will make you bleed spiritually. Good luck future hikers. Not recommended for beginners or in between.

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