Weaver's Needle Loop Trail

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Weaver's Needle Loop Trail is a 13.1 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Gold Canyon, Arizona that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from October until May. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

13.1 miles
2985 feet

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9 days ago

Gorgeous scenery, almost no one on the trail beyond the Saddle. It took 6 hours with a lunch break. I did it on a cloudy day and it was exhausting. Definitely bring more water than you think, food and sun protection!

20 days ago

So we started on the 235 going around the right side of the loop and missed the turn off for the 234 because we went down the riverbed and missed the sign. We ended up going northeast on the 104 which we took for another 2 hours hoping it would switch back west so we could loop back around and make it back to the Peralta TH but we didn’t have the time so we turned back. Did about 15 miles in total but if we had kept going on the 104 it would have looped back to where we needed to be, we just didn’t want to be hiking in the dark. Just a warning to others. Make sure you see the 234 sign that turns west if you want to do the Weavers Needle hike. Or just take the left path at the start. Hope this helps others.

23 days ago

This trail was a delicious treat. The first mile or two was a little congested just until Fremont saddle and then for the rest of the trail I didn’t see another soul until I was back at the trailhead. I actually started at the trailhead with my boyfriend and we hiked the loop in opposite directions, passing each other at the midpoint. Beautiful landscape with soaring mountains and really dense and lush scrubby creek beds. Lots of changes in elevation for a good challenge and to keep the old ticker pumpin. Managed to clock in at around five hours, but hiking at a brisk pace. Will absolutely be back to hike another one of the many hikes that start at the Peralta trailhead. (Also passed a ton of dispersed campsites along the trail for backpackers doing one of the longer loops that connects to this trail!)

28 days ago

This is a really worthwhile hike both from an exercise and scenery perspective. We came out a bit under 13mi (maybe 12.5 miles and that included 1/2 mile total of a slight diversion) but AEG was right around 3000 feet. It's pretty quiet out there, and not many people past the saddle. Highly recommended.

1 month ago

This was an outstanding trail. Everyone stops at the overlook or the lonesome pine. Seeing the Needle from every side is truly a gift. Around every rise or outcropping was a new breathtaking view. I cannot day enough about how beautiful this area is. No need for a permit. The park ranger was waiting at the trailhead and said they no longer charge!

1 month ago

bring a lot of water and food. its poorly signalised too. definately one of the most beatiful hikes i ever did.

1 month ago

Not sure you need a permit; just signed in at Peralta Trailhead. 12 mile loop, 2800 elevation gain. Crowds thin after Fremont saddle where most people turn around.

1 month ago

I started at sunrise and went counterclockwise from Bluff Springs. The canyon looks dope in the morning, like a scene from LOTR or Jurassic Park. There are great views, plenty of obscure places to relieve yourself, and plenty of stacked rocks used as trail markers to help keep you on track. Bring lots of water, some snacks, and don't forget your traveling llama or gnome. Oh and sunscreen. No one ever talks about sunscreen... Bring you some sunscreen. Maybe also a hat and sunglasses? Maybe hug a loved one when you get home, too. Preferably after you've showered. **edited: according to newer reviews you might not need a permit! there are signs at the beginning that say a permit is required, and there wasn't a park ranger on my way in that I signed with, so I'm not sure. I just went and got one at the nearest gas station for like 6 bucks.

5 months ago

Beautiful rock formation. Wild Flowers everywhere.
Humming birds.
Use hiking boots. Not tennis shoes
Lots of Water. And snacks.
This is an all day trail.
Be careful.

9 months ago

It's a long trail. Make sure you bring lots of water and snacks. It was 95 degrees and sunny

9 months ago

Had great time hiking this trail. Stunning views.

9 months ago

11 months ago

Great trail! Mid-80s when I went (March). Took me 2 hours and 10 minutes only stopping for scenery pics. My phone calculated around 4.6 miles total. So, give or take if you wander around a bit, it's about that length. The BEST part was that the water basin was full and a tiny water stream was running into it!!! It's not always full of water, so it was a real treat! This also meant that the stream was running. So fun to see water on a hot day in AZ. Parking was no problem at all. Plenty (and free!). Just have patience with the gravely dusty road leading up to the trail head. Takes a while to drive it...but you're on the right path!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Not difficult.
Must use thick hiking boots. Steal toed boots.
Lots of water.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

It's more of a 15 mile hike, maybe longer! We ran out of water the last 2 miles. Yikes! Lots of loose rocks and overgrown vegetation covering some of the trail. A bit hard on the knees, too, constantly up and down over huge boulders and slippery gravel. Didn't see any flowers or wildlife, but it's probably the season.
Because of all the rain, about 70% of the trail was covered in water, in some areas the trail became the streams from the mountains.. be careful where you step if you don't have waterproof shoes. We had a few close calls.
We hiked up the Peralta Trailhead #102 side first and came back around through Dutchman #234. I wish there were more mile markers or signs, it seemed like we had wandered off trail a few times... We were at a slow speed just enjoying the scenery and didn't realize how LONG this would take, I had to take lots of short breaks due to my knees haha. We are intermediate level hikers, havasupai and the grand canyon.
Overall, it was a BEAUTIFUL hike. Great 360 view of Weaver's Needle, Black Top Mesa in the back. Cloudy day, breezy, we just needed a light jacket. The desert is so gorgeous with the hundreds of small seasonal 'waterfalls' and rivers.
Would definitely hike again under better prepared circumstances. Would not recommend hiking on a sunny day. Would not recommend dogs. Maybe for Peralta, but definitely not the entire loop.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

I solo hiked this on 4-9-2016. I started at 7:10 am it was 60 degrees and finished at 2:30 pm and it was 83 degrees. I went counterclockwise starting on the Bluff Springs trail for about 2.5 miles, then the Terrapin trail for 3 miles, then the Dutchman's trail for about a mile then headed back on Peralta. My hike tracker had it as 13.55 miles. I was told that since I am not used to such heat I needed to carry extra water. I took 6 liters plus two 8 oz bottles, I only needed 3 liters. I also ate 1 shotblok every mile. I stopped for lunch when I was at about the 7.5 mile mark. No shade at this point, but a big cloud covered the sun just long enough for me to enjoy the coolness. The sun is no joke here. I wore a T-shirt and a long sleeve white shirt. I rolled the sleeves up a bit and put on sunscreen. I sunburned through the shirt below the arm of the t-shirt and above where I put on the sunscreen on. I only encountered 5 people by the time I got to the Dutchman's trail and then I met 2 people there. Only 1 man farther out on Peralta. When i started getting to the more popular place, there were several people. I took 191 photographs and was lucky to see many of the cactus in bloom.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND A GREEN TRAIL MAP: 2829S Superstition Wilderness

Friday, February 26, 2016

Awesome but bring enough water! It's a long hike and I ran out and almost died. Some guys gave me water when I saw them! Thank you out there!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Great hike with a rewarding view at the end. The altitude increase is gradual and consistent so it's barely noticed.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Outstanding loop - classic Superstitions.

1 month ago

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