Wasson Peak Trail

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Wasson Peak Trail is a 7.1 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Tucson, Arizona that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from October until April.

7.1 miles
1804 feet



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wild flowers




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no dogs

Great views, plenty of wildlife, and the high point of the Tucson Mountains. This hike follows King Canyon Trail to the junction with Sweetwater Trail, then to Wasson Peak. All trailheads are clearly marked with signs, and the trails are easy to follow. There is an admission fee at the Saguaro National Park Visitor center.

10 days ago

awesome hike with great views of the desert. The bugs were alittle crazy at the summit but overall an unforgettable loop would definitely do it again and bring others to experience it.

20 days ago

Went in mid December. We didn’t have a lot of time to complete the hike so we felt a little pressure to rush. Although it was warm at the bottom, i needed more layers at the top...very windy. Overall, pretty nice views!

21 days ago

18 deer and a horned lizard today. seems longer if starting from Camino del Cerro trailhead.

27 days ago

I don’t know if I would do it again as the view you could see it most of the way up. The hardest part was the small rocks on the way back down were really slippery.

1 month ago

That was a great hike. Found the toughest thing was all the loose stones going up the trail, but otherwise it was a pretty straight forward hike. Great views in so many areas. Took the wash on the way back from the picnic area and got to see some of the Pictograph?? Only saw a couple of Road runners. Not sure where people said they had to pay. Came across W Gates Pass and Kinney road. Trail started across from the museum. Highly recommended hike.

1 month ago

Took about 1 hour and 45 mins to reach the top! Very awesome views! A great challenge, be sure to eat a good meal before this hike for energy! Saw 5 mule deer on the way up

1 month ago

Just completed this hike with my 67 year old husband and it was a great trip up to Wasson Peak. We started this morning from the King Canyon trailhead parking and it climbed up, up, up for 1535 ft until reaching the summit. Great, interesting, challenging, and fun trail to hike. We took 5 hours RT but took our time. It is rocky but the trail is in great condition and wide enough so you don’t feel like you’re on a goat trail. This is a must do if you like elevation. We did not spot any wildlife.

1 month ago

Good trail well marked and great views.

2 months ago

Very cool. I would put this a bit higher than moderate. Rough trail..

2 months ago

Great hike today,,, not a very challenging trail but awesome views!!

2 months ago

The vie at the top is beautiful, but the hiking is a little boring, especially for a person who has seen so much saguaros.

2 months ago

An awesome secluded loop hike. The views from the peak were magnificent.

3 months ago

Great hike to the top. I took the King Canyon. Good challenge, great views.

3 months ago

Good hike, took my friend and I about an hour and half to summit and reach the top. Well marked trail, some of the water-bars need maintenance but otherwise a good trail!

3 months ago

Parked at King Canyon trailhead. Made the hike to Summit. Some loose rocks so just take it easy. Overall beautiful hike. Well worth it! This hike will increase your heart rate especially if you are not fit. I would rate it a moderate hike but a difficult one if you are not in good shape.

3 months ago

Gorgeous hike!!! Love the stair steps and the saguaros. Went to Wasson Peak via Hugh Norris trail... sign at the beginning said 4.9 miles one way.

4 months ago

Hiked on December 11th, the trail is well marked and easy to follow. Trail is not crowded during weekdays. There is also a parking lot for you.

5 months ago

yes! love this hike! Did it by myself!!!

7 months ago

What an awesome trail, desert landscape with amazing views. I would definitely do it again from another starting point or same starting point!! Total hike 9.6 miles, not happy with this app stealing distance,, grrrr!!

11 months ago

Went on a Saturday afternoon, 6 May 17. Left at noon...back at 3:20. I saw 5 people on the trail and had the summit to myself, nice! I took the counterclockwise route based on an earlier review. I've not been the opposite direction...but have to feel CCW is the better choice as it steeper on the way up. The trail is very rocky...It's also well marked. Parking was very easy.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Moderate but go when it is not too hot as there is no shade. Some old mine areas along the way and great views.

Friday, April 14, 2017

One of my favorites! You can see the world from the top! My hubby proposed to me on Wasson peak ❤️

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Great loop hike with big views along the way. I would recommend hiking counter-clockwise beginning on the old forest road. This way your assent is on the steep rocky trail and decent on a longer moderate switchbacks. Be aware there is zero shade along the trail! Top can be windy. There are a couple of partly shady nooks at the top for a lunch spot.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Great hike up to the top with excellent views of Tucson. A storm blew in as we reached the top, so we had to rush down but all in all a must hike.

Monday, March 06, 2017

great hike, great views, makes for great pictures and memories. cinch your hat down near the top, it gets windy!

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

great tail. signs make it easy to follow. great views.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Beautiful. Windy. Highly recommend.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Great hike, gives you a 360 panoramic view of the area from the top. We didn't actually do the loop but the iPhone said we did about 7.6 miles round trip.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Challenging hike. Moderate is a good description. Going up the Kings Canyon side is and down Gould Mine was a really fun way to do it. Pay at the visitor center prior. Cards accepted there. Total time, including a short stint on a wrong trail, right at 5 hours. Enjoy the views and rocky terrain!

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