Walkin' Jim Trail

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Walkin' Jim Trail is a 8.1 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Casa Rosa, Arizona that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from October until May.

8.1 miles
1223 feet



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trail running



wild flowers

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Pretty nice trail if you are looking for solitude. Did not meet another soul during the entire hike. But the trail is barely visible at certain points and be sure to find the trail while crossing the many creeks, else you will get lost and would have to retrack your path. If you are a novice, download the GPX file and go.

Turned left and the fork and did the Little Jim trail - at the beginning this was okay, but in parts the grass was hip high and scratchy. Was rewarded with a beautiful view on the top of a small hillock. Also make sure to cover the ENTIRE BODY in clothing if you dont wanna be scratched silly. Saw plenty of wild burros and other wildlife like hares, etc. Fun, but just be mindful to keep track of the trail,

5 months ago

Great single track trail. Not very well traveled. Make sure to pay attention to the stacked rocks placed every so often on the trail or you might just find yourself off the trail real fast. First 4.6 miles is pretty a very nice hike. The back half of the loop is to be desired. Very rocky and a lot of dry creek bed crossings where trail can easily be lost. If I hike this trail again I will turn around at the 4.6 mile mark (the sign that say Walkin Jim and Big jim on it). Not that the back half is impossible to navigate just not worth the headache for me. Also the info indicates this sucker is 8.1 miles round trip. Not sure on their info cause I ended up with 10.1 miles round trip. Maybe taking the Lil Jim trail (which you hit at mile mark 3) this is the 8.1 mile distance. We did come across another sign with the same info (Walkin Jim and Lil Jim on the sign) on the back half of the hike so this kind of makes sense. But still no clear reason why our mileage was so much higher. With that being said it took us 4 1/2hrs to complete the 10.1 and that's was with a relatively in-experienced hiker. The views are b-e-a-utiful by the way!!

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