Transept Trail is a 2.9 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near North Rim, Arizona that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and bird watching and is best used from May until October.

Distance: 2.9 miles Elevation Gain: 282 feet Route Type: Out & Back

kid friendly


nature trips


bird watching



wild flowers


no dogs

The Transept Trail connects Grand Canyon Lodge to the North Rim Campground, follows the rim of a side canyon called the Transept, and offers a relaxing yet moderate hike with great rim views just off the path. The out and back Transept Trail connects Grand Canyon Lodge and Visitor Center to the North Rim Campground and follows the rim of a side canyon called the Transept. Although not paved, this easy to moderate trail takes you through Quaking aspens, Gamble Oaks and ponderosa pines, making a very relaxing walk to and from the campground. The trail passes an ancestral Puebloan ruin at about midway to the campground which appears as a line of rocks looking like a trail offshoot. There are several hills with a modest slope. The views here of the Grand Canyon's North Rim aren't quite as expansive as in other places but you can still access some nice cliff areas.

3 months ago

Camping here is great. Hiker biker spots off the transept trail are a mere 50 from the rim. The people who work and volunteer are the best. Quiet and friendly atmosphere.

3 months ago

Absolutely unbelievably views from this trail. Easy, simple but well worth the time spend walking.

6 months ago

Great hike - there are a bunch of openings to lookout into the canyon. The trail itself is well marked and in condition. It took under an hour out and back and there was limited change in elevation.

7 months ago

The best parts are the view points that jut out from the main trail. The difficulty is finding the trail head on the east because it's not marked, but once found, incredible views of Transept Canyon abound along this trail. Parts are not very wide so watch your step.

8 months ago

Transapt plus Bridle

9 months ago

We started from the campground with hopes of going to the lodge, but found an incredible unmarked viewpoint along the way that captured our attention. We never made it to the lodge, but enjoyed the sunset from that point.

9 months ago

Nice relaxing hike with plenty of overlooks on the canyon. We took bridle trail back to the Lodge to make it a loop.

9 months ago

Did part of this trail today, nice shaded parts with peek a boo views of the canyon. Easy and enjoyable.

10 months ago

Nice shade and multiple changes in vegetation. Fairly easy.

11 months ago

The trail gets a little confusing at parts. And it just ends in the middle of a trail not really an end site or overlook or anything. The trail goes from woods to occasional views of the canyon. There’s also many areas to walk out into rocks and things (which I definitely recommend). I really enjoyed it because there were less people!

11 months ago

Started the recording late and forgot to stop it when done. Nice little jaunt with being able to view the canyon from a few different spots. Wasn’t very many people on the trail

Fantastic short trail with hidden view points

11 months ago

nice trail, can't beat the views at the lodge though.

Fri May 31 2019

Nice trail with many different view points of the canyon. Nice to get away from the crowds at Bright Angel Point, which this trail leads up too. Easy and doesn't take much time!

Wed May 29 2019

memorial day 2019 it snowed! 38° & no power at the lodge. crazy. and fun. trail was good up/down elevation. would like to do again end of the week...

Wed May 22 2019

beautiful hike ♡ the views of the canyon were lovely. nice places to stop and take pics

Thu Nov 08 2018

Easy leading up to the rocks. The rocks at the end are awesome to climb on!

Wed Nov 07 2018

Short, but the end rock outcrop is amazing to climb on

Tue Oct 23 2018

If you are camping, just do that as an extra for sunset in the evening.

Fri Sep 21 2018

Fairly easy trail except there were a few times where we had to guess which way was the actual trail. Just past the campground and general store there was a sign but the way it was pointed was very unclear. The trail that seemed the most logical was not. We actually followed it for about 5 minutes until we reached way too steep, dangerous and it was obvious it was not the trail. So be careful! Otherwise, an incredible trail with so much wildlife in the North Rim. We then hiked back to the visitor center using the Bridle Trail which was like a "cool down"

Sun Aug 05 2018

great views of the canyon

Mon Oct 16 2017

a very well shaded trail, due to our time constraints we didn't step off the trail to enjoy the beautiful views of the canyon. all in all its a decent hike, not too moderate.

Sun Oct 08 2017

Loved this trail! Well marked and lightly trafficked (which is good when you need someone to take your picture at one of the many lookout points). Didn't take us too long so worked out for us to make a day of doing these shorter hikes in the area.

Tue Sep 05 2017

This Is NOT dog friendly. Many signs saying "no dogs" at the trail. You can only go on the bridle path in the park or Kaibab trail or Rainbow Rim #10 with dogs around the park.

Sat Aug 19 2017

Great trail to get away from the crowds!

Sat Jul 29 2017

great trail to get to the lodge, lots of shade.

Fri May 19 2017

It is a fast, short hike but was quiet and calm. You get to walk along the edge of the canyon with some good views, and even take a quick bit through the woods. I appreciated how serene it felt. Great places to climb out to the edge and read a book or eat a meal. Just enough uphill climb on occasion to keep your heart pumping and happy.

Tue Sep 13 2016

Very peaceful and less traveled than other trails. This is a hike and not a stroll around the rim. Watch the ledges if you have kids like us. Beautiful views and plenty of places to eat lunch or read a book. Awesome.

Mon Sep 05 2016

Great hike to watch the sunset before having dinner at the Lodge

Sun Jan 19 2014

Less traveled and more like a hike than the other trails encircling the North Rim Lodge, the Transept Trail took us along the Transept side canyon to some great views just off trail (be cautious on the cliff edges), as well as a not so obvious Indian ruin. We chilled at a really nice bench with a view into the Bright Angel canyon framed by Ponderosa Pines. This trail is used by many as a connector between the North Rim Campground and the Lodge. Nice stroll at sunrise or sunset, worth a trip to the bench view.

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