Thumb Butte Trail 33

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Thumb Butte Trail 33 is a 2.5 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Prescott, Arizona that offers the chance to see wildlife and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

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Thumb Butte Area is within the Prescott National Forest, in the Bradshaw Ranger District of Yavapai County. It offers a variety of trails as well as a picnic area. Trail 33 is open to hikers only. The trail is almost 2 miles long and is moderately difficult. Allow yourself about 1.5 hours to hike the entire trail. A short spur trail near the crest offers a good view of the Prescott area. The steep east side of the trail and a few other steep places are paved in order to minimize soil erosion. There are interpretive signs along the trail.

17 days ago

A lot steeper than I thought it would be, but the views at the top made it worth it!

27 days ago

great heart-pumping hike if you take the left side trail at the beginning. paved trail on this left side which was nice. excellent views.

28 days ago

I grew up here and it was a bit difficult to see the view littered with houses, instead of pristine forest. Great views of the surrounding area. Definitely remember to go right for an easier hike. The switch backs up the side of the mountain are no joke if you go left.

30 days ago

Pretty fun hike. Relatively easy loop. We had a good time climbing up Tom’s Thumbs. Nice views of the area. Hike was a 4 but the free climbing option made it a 5. Easy parking area with a small fee.

1 month ago

Start right for a gradual hike up and continue to loop around to go back down the steeper side, paved.

1 month ago

Beautiful views. Go right for an easier hike. Left is a lot steeper up. Memorial at rhe top for the 19 firefighters/ Hotshots that died in 2013.

2 months ago

Nice hike! From the trailhead, we went left (clockwise route) up the paved section. It's quite steep and will have you breathing hard! You're at the top of the trail in approx. .75 miles. There's a informal hotshot memorial.
The trip down is longer - some rock gardens, but mostly smooth going.
We hiked on a cool day (60 degrees) - was very enjoyable.
Highly recommended!

2 months ago

I did this trail and it was moderate on the level of difficulty. I went up the gradual incline and down the steep paved descent. The view at the top is breathtaking. I saw a lot of beautiful birds and flowers and some really pretty spiders. I highly recommend it.

2 months ago

I enjoy the dirt trail much more than the cement walkway, so I typically go up and back on the dirt trail rather than a loop.

2 months ago

Not far enough from civilization in my opinion. Stilla nice trail to do.

3 months ago

Wasn't the greatest

4 months ago

You can't actually get on top of the Butte without some climbing gear, but still a fun hike.

4 months ago

Pretty nice trail. Moderate climbs, especially if you are used to a lower elevation, although it only took me about 45 minutes to do the hike so some may consider it too short.

Overall I'd suggest it, especially on Wednesdays as day use is free for everyone.

5 months ago

Awesome trail

5 months ago

loved this trail, there are 2 ways up I prefer the steep way up and the gradual way down. it's a really nice challenge and not to hard since its short giong up. bring water though its certainly a burst of intense cardio.

5 months ago

Very convenient to downtown Prescott, and the recreation area itself is a great spot to enjoy the trees and scenery. The trail can be done clockwise or counterclockwise. Clockwise gives you a steeper, but paved ascent. Counterclockwise gives you a more gradual but rocky ascent (and more nature). I did it counter clockwise but would do it clockwise next time. The views will be in front of you if you ascend using the paved route. Benches available on the way up to sit and look out over the landscape. If you do it as a loop , make sure to go all the way to the top and spend a moment at the Memorial to the Yarnell 19.

6 months ago

Awesome trail.. would highly recommend!

7 months ago

Great trail... a bit challenging up the front but worth if for the down hill back side.

9 months ago

Business hike for locals, go on Wensday as the parking is free then.

9 months ago

Great trail with beautiful views at the top. Can't climb the rocks at the top Feb-June due to falcon breeding season, so just a heads up. For a better workout start the loop on the left, for a more leisure-based hike start the loop on the right.

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