Sycamore Rim Trail

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Sycamore Rim Trail is a 11.1 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Williams, Arizona that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

11.1 miles 1387 feet Loop

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2 months ago

Beautiful sights to see, however not recommended to do in the winter or after it rains/snows. It was incredibly muddy and the trail was flooded. We ended up having to cross a lot of streams/rivers and makeshift some bridges to get across and stay on the trail, but it may have just been flooded from all the snow melting and it raining before we went. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time as it is a long trail. The last mile or two of the trail is difficult to find, which we ended up getting slightly lost in the dark and had to truck through some logging land (also very muddy).

However, the waterfalls and scenery was breathtaking and I'd absolutely go again in the dryer months. Definitely recommend going.

4 months ago

The loop trail is actually 13 miles from my recording.
A lot of deforestation near the KA Hill. So it is hard to find the trail unless you use All Trails App and follow others recordings to get through that part of the trail.
Once you get to the KA Hill. You get an excellent view of Mt. Humphreys Mountain.
After that hiking to the south side of trail where Sycamore Vista is at. The view is absolutely beautiful.

4 months ago

although rim walk and natural tanks and falls are nice on S side of trail, much of the rest is walking in monotonous third cut forest . warning: near kv hill you lose the trail due to bulldozing work, annoying!!

4 months ago

5 months ago

Hiked from Pomeroy Tanks to Sycamore Vista and back. Views at the falls were beautiful. The trail itself is pretty easy, however it does become hard to find in a few areas. Look for stacked rock piles and trail markers on the trees to find the way. Roads to the trailhead(s) are well maintained and marked.

7 months ago

Very nice hike - as others have mentioned, plenty of things to see and enjoy. Note: The Overland Trail is not as well marked as other foot trails I have hiked.

9 months ago

This hike was incredibly easy with lots of sites to see and many beautiful areas to take pictures at. Along the waterfall I've seen many people scale the walls and now I think I'd really like to try rock climbing my next trip up there.
It has perfect hiking weather do to the elevation which makes it 10x nicer in such a hot summer!

10 months ago

Easy hike with gorgeous views

11 months ago

It was a pretty decent hike. Easy for us to complete. We had to hurry because of looming weather, overall though I enjoyed the scenery and of course the pleasant weather of Williams Arizona.

1 year ago

The rim trail is actually about 15 miles, we tracked it. We did the full loop trail from start to finish. We started at Dow Spring and made our way to KA Hill and then the Pomeroy Tanks and so on. Trail thoroughly marked at the beginning but once we got to the Pomeroy Tanks the trail was very difficult to follow. The water was very low, but we still had to cross several times throughout the whole entire trail. Luckily since the water was low, we did not get our shoes wet, but if it was any higher we would have. With that being said the Sycamore Falls was also bone dry, still beautiful and worth the visit but just take note. If the falls was flowing rapidly you would for sure get wet on this hike.

When the trail gets difficult to follow we just had to really keep our eyes out for the piles of rocks, but even those were difficult to find at times. The trail is overall moderate, with parts that are very easy but also parts that are more difficult. The hardest part for us was the length. If you do choose to bring children on this hike be prepared to have to carry them at parts, because of the water. We also saw a couple having to carry their small dog over the water parts.

The trail at times is "boring". It is very beautiful and quiet but just nothing worth while seeing, just lots of trees that are blinding your scenic view.

If you do not want to do the full hike I would recommend maybe parking at the KA Hill and just heading straight to the Pomeroy Tanks and on to the Falls and Canyon view. we actually really loved the Tanks, it was a very beautiful view and in our opinion, very worth while.

3 years ago

Didn't complete the entire loop but Sycamore Falls is awesome.

4 years ago

Struggled to give this hike 3 stars since there was just to much going against it. Directions to the TH are easy, follow the forest service map. We choose the TH at
N35 09.597 W111 59.960. Use directions you can find at most sites on the 'Net and/or the Forest Service map.

The trail is well marked from travel. Our direction took us past all the points of interest you can read about on almost any site. The hike is easy and nearly level all the way to Pomeroy Tanks. The views along the canyon are great starting as a wide trench at the TH , expanding to a gorgeous canyon near the falls.

Traffic was moderate. You're never to far from a FS road, I-40 or housing. The "city" sounds are pervasive. There were a few hikers on this trail, a noisy group hike on the other side of the canyon that we left behind quickly, several rock climbers at the falls and a young family actually pulling tiny fish from Pomeroy on rod & reel.

The hike from Pomeroy back to the TH, up KA hill is an uninspiring hike through the woods. It would have been pleasant enough if it hadn't been for the mosquitoes! Not an exaggeration, we were unable to stop moving even for a quick lunch or water break for fear of being bitten sick. They were terrible! The only view beyond the canyon is KA Hill summit giving you a lackluster view of the SF Peaks, Garland Prairie and I-40. The bugs were so bad that we didn't even stop to take decent photos here.

We completed the nearly 12 mile loop (11.7 miles GPSr) right at 7 hours. Only once did we question the FS signs for directions. The climb up KA Hill is easy at 5.5% grade.

This is a unique trail that should be taken but not necessarily as a loop. If you choose our entry point, go to the falls, check out the climbers and return the same way. That would be nearly 14 miles RT but level and certainly scenic. Do not attempt this trail in heavy monsoon unless you intend to get very wet. You cross the creek several times.

It is difficult to rate a trail since most is in the eye of the hiker. It was a difficult day...the bugs, the distance, a novice with us, inability to stop and enjoy. The views along the canyon were great, wildflowers were everywhere and we certainly weren't stuck at home. It might be better to take this loop counter clock wise and put KA Hill behind you and spend more time taking in the canyon later on. Your call...enjoy, be careful and don't forget the DEET!

5 years ago

Nice long trail, we have biked and hiked this trail. Great views of the canyon, lots of different terrain to see. Easy to find route. Bring good shoes and the terrain is versitile.