Sonoran Trail to Dixie Mine to Thompson Peak

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Sonoran Trail to Dixie Mine to Thompson Peak is a 8.2 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Fountain Hills, Arizona that offers the chance to see wildlife and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is best used from January until November.

8.2 miles
2,011 feet
Out & Back






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6 months ago

Great hike, and much easier with trekking poles. I got to the peak and back in just under 4 hours without stopping at the mine

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

This hike is a bit of a rough one but if you're like me you stare at the radio towers on Thompson peak from across town all day long. You drive into Fountain Hills and begin at the Sonoran trail head. There is a parking lot there and for about a 1/2 mile you follow the feathers that are emblazoned on the side walk through a residential area. It's a little strange that this is how it begins but there's no helping it. The trail head parking lot is abutting a private property protected gate. But hikers/trailrunners/bikers are welcome. You follow the feathers to the Sonoran put in trail head. About 1.5 miles in the trail splits to become the Dixie Mine trail or continue counterclockwise on the Sonoran trail head towards Sunrise peak. If you continue on the Dixie Mine trail for about another 2 miles or so you'll hit the access road that the Cox Communication trucks use to then drive up and service the radio tower. Some of that road is tolerable. There is a paved section approximately 1 mile straight up. It's literally a 45 degree angle. It's truly horrible. But you're rewarded with a plateau area that saddles between the FH and Scottsdale sides. After this it's a slow grind up more paved roads to the top. The trail is extremely sparse with hikers but if you live in Scottsdale and enjoy the McDowell's it's at least a local bucket list hike that I'd recommend. Views on top are stunning.....although the radio frequency vibrations of the towers make you wonder if you should bail quickly.

7 months ago