Photos of Smiley Rock OHV Trail

Distance: 22.7 miles Elevation Gain: 3,507 feet Route Type: Point to Point

bird watching

ohv / off road driving





no shade

ohv/off road driving
2 months ago

Stayed at Potato Patch CG. So started from there. I agree with the last post. We did in our ZJ w/ 6" lift and 35s. More than moderate in Martin canyon. Maybe this app should use the 1-5 scale and call it a 4. A local club I follow on FB, broke a few patts and said it was more erroded than they remember. There was an open gate after the hard part. I wonder when that gets closed. Cause if it was, you are going back up The canyon. I wonder if this was closed when Scott ended up at a private gate, looking at their recording.The rest of the trail was easy and a lot of great views. Our app crashed again, so the recording was cut short.

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