6.6 miles
501 feet



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trail running



3 months ago

Park at Sandy Canyon (you’ll see a sign to turn here on Lake Mary Road. Follow Sandy Canyon to the AZ trail onto Fay Canyon. The turn off to Fay doesn’t have a sign and I used my offline AllTrails map to find the turn off. Fay has lots of horse poop and you’ll feel like you’re walking through a meadow. Fay is shaded but the rest of the hike pretty exposed otherwise.

You’ll see some parallel trails to what you’re supposed to be on that come back together but I’d suggest following the path that has the black dirt. You’ll arrive at a road eventually and you’ll end up walking along the Hitchin’ Post Stables. Walk along the dirt road as long as possible to prevent walking along Lake Mary road longer than you have to. You can walk down lower not right on road. This trail took me 2 hours and my Fitbit said roughly 5.5 miles were traveled. I went early on a Wednesday and didn’t see a soul the entire time.

I’d consider this more of a walk than I would a traditional hike. As a hike I’d give it 3 stars as a walk 4.