5.1 miles
997 feet



nature trips



no dogs

8 months ago

I went to scout this trail and the gear that would be needed today, Sep 30 2017. I am glad that I did. As previously mentioned you will need rappel gear, 150' rope, rappel device, and harness. A wet suit is at your discretion, but I would for sure bring water shoes or a second pair of boots as well as a waterproofing bag. Now that being said when I went today there was not much water there and what was there was stagnant. Covered in scum and rotting plant life, there was no clear running water. If I had all the gear I probably would have opted out and gone another time, maybe after winter or some good rainfall. Also as previously mentioned there were a lot of wasps at the entrance and exit to the canyon, I think it might be the water they are after. None the less if you hate bug or are allergic this might not be your trail. Once you get near the canyon the entrance is not well marked and there is a cattle fence blocking the trail that you need to open and let yourself through. Once the trail turn from red dirt to grey silt stay to the left, that is the enterence. If you go right it takes you to the exit of the canyon. Hope this helps and can be of some help. Stay safe.