Salida Loop

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Salida Loop is a 5 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Granite Dells, Arizona that features a lake. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking and trail running.

5.0 miles
600 feet


trail running




This hike shares 2 miles of trail 95, and all its long views, with the Salida Gulch hike, but instead of starting at the Salida Gulch trailhead, start at the Highlands Center for Natural History, hike to the gulch along perennial Lynx Creek, and return past Lynx Lake.

12 days ago

We took the trail clockwise and the first mile was a bit confusing. Definitely keep your map open to be sure you’re staying on the correct trail. This particular trail is not marked on the map at the nature center or on any of the signs. You will however see many signs for other numbered trails.
At one point you will be walking alongside a road, but after that it’s a very interesting hike with varying terrain. We say several deer along the way. No part of this trail was closed due to bald eagles nesting, but one of the areas behind the trail is closed Dec - July and would only affect you if you decided to hike a different connector trail.
Also, the hike is closer to 6 miles, not 5. We enjoyed it and would do it again. We thought about starting/ending at another trailhead, but in the end liked finishing up at the nature center for the restrooms and shaded tables and chairs where we could rest up and have lunch before heading back to Phoenix.
PS- the person who did this hike the day before and rated it 2 stars didn’t do this hike. Looks like she just hiked around the lake instead of doing the actual Salida Loop. Perhaps that led to her low rating.

5 months ago

This trail is closed from December 1st through March or July, (for Bald Eagle nesting) I forgot what the barricade said. It may be a great trail but it would be nice if they noted it was seasonal so people don’t plan on a trip out there and not be able to hike it.

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