Robbers Roost Trail

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Robbers Roost Trail is a 2.9 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Sedona, Arizona that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

2.9 miles
472 feet
Out & Back

dogs on leash

kid friendly



mountain biking

nature trips

trail running





wild flowers


15 days ago

16 days ago

Awesome views well worth the hike

1 month ago

Easy walk in until you hit the base and then truly hike. Getting to the cave is not easy and slightly treacherous., but worth it!

1 month ago

This trail was so much fun! Not too long, scenic, and the cave was such a treat! Ran across less than 10 people when we did this late Christmas morning. I'm glad I read the reviews with the tips about the trail start, as those tips led us exactly where we needed to go. If you have an offroad vehicle you could easily make it all the way to the trailhead by car. The trail is actually marked "Hideout Cave" at the start. I would do this trail again in a heartbeat!

2 months ago

Google maps took us right to the section of road 525C that road 9530 splits off of to the right. I believe this is the start of the trail to Robbers Roost. The 2.9 miles round trip makes more sense starting from here. We never saw a trailhead sign. We were driving a jeep, so continued up road 9530 until we saw the hiking trail off to the right and down the hill that no longer allowed motorized vehicles. From that starting point we only hiked 1.2 miles round trip. With our four kids we hiked up to the cave and up on top of the rock and back down. Very easy hike for our family and dog with BEAUTIFUL views.

FYI - The steep area of the trail you walk along to get to the cave is not as treacherous as some have described. If you happen to be afraid of heights it might seem that way, but we never felt in danger walking single file along this short part of the trail with our dog and four children (our youngest is five). Using common sense, I promise it’s no big deal.

Also, any four wheel drive vehicle (high clearance isn’t that necessary) could make the drive up the road 9530 with cautious driving. We thought some of the reviews had conflicting information, so I wanted to write my own. I hope this helps!

3 months ago

Nice little hike with great views. Make sure that you climb to the top as well as checking out the cave. Watch out for all the ATVs on the road and you will need a proper high clearance vehicle to drive to the closest TH.

5 months ago

Spectacular view!
Probably dangerous for small children/ pets off leash, as there is a very narrow path along rock face.
Yes, don't follow your GPS. It takes you the wrong way. 9530 is the right road.
You also need 4X4 to get up to the trailhead. It's all gravel and lots of big rocks near the top.
Would definitely do it again :)

5 months ago

The views are almost unreal. The trail itself is easy and short. It's true that it requires some caution to get into the actual cave, but I wouldn't characterize it as treacherous. It's for sure manageable for an adult.

Previous reviews are absolutely correct that GPS will lead you astray at the end. You need to stay on 525C until you see a spilt to the right for 9530. It's a little over a half mile drive after that.

5 months ago

Could not actually get into the cave, without risking falling to our death. high clearance vehicle a must.

6 months ago

Awesome trail. Very rewarding sight!

8 months ago

Having a 4wd vehicle is a must for the last 1/2 mile of the road and even then you should drive slow to avoid any sharp rocks.

Trail is super easy but there is a shimmy or scramble at the end to get to the roost. I wouldn't consider it difficult but there is no room for error. If you slip and fall off the edge it's a 50+ foot fall to the rocks below.

I didn't feel safe taking my fiancé across so instead we hiked to the the top and climbed down the rock wall directly to the right (facing the roost). Rocks are easy to grip and if you make a mistake it's just a few feet drop to a huge ledge. Much safer IMO.

In addition to the views of the roost the top and surrounding areas are awesome to explore as well. There is more to this area than just the roost!

8 months ago

Loved it. Really only accessible by 4x4.. rough terrain, at least the way we came. Gorgeous views. So worth it, although I wouldn't say it was easy

8 months ago

F-ing spiritual! Parked my car in the main road. Unless you have a jeep or something with a lot of clearance, I would suggest that. The trail is easy till you get close to the cave. You kind of shimmy around the edge. If you lean against the wall, you feel a little safer. The view... the peacefulness though! There were two people there and I got to learn about the cave- which according to the guy, was a shaman's cave. He pointed out the petroglyphs on the wall and the holes in the ground where they would grind medicines. There was a real sense of calm and clarity. On the way out of the cave A RAVEN CAME AND FLEW AROUND US AND UP THE RAVINE! It was a crazy way to depart.

9 months ago

GORGEOUS! My husband and I drove all the way to the base of the mountain in our Mazda CX-5 and it was a little bumpy but if you know what your doing it's no problem at all! The view in the cave is breathtaking! We were both surprised we never heard of it, we will be going back!

9 months ago

Love this trail! If you use apple maps, do not turn off of 525C like the directions instruct you to do; instead, follow 525C to 9530 and take that directly to the trail head. High clearance vehicle with 4wd is a must for the last half mile or so and there are a couple spots to park at the beginning of 9530 if you can’t make the drive up to the trailhead but it adds at least 1.5mi to the overall hike. Once at the trailhead, it’s a short hike and easy enough that we did it with two small children. Totally worth the bumpy drive for those beautiful views!

9 months ago

Nice easy trail. Just a bit of a scramble to get around to the actual cave, but overall pretty easy. Also with checking out the views from the top.

10 months ago

Cannot make it the last way without a high clearance vehicle...not a minivan.

11 months ago

Hard to find
Off road
Unreal views!

11 months ago

Absolutely stunning views! Half the fun was the little bit off roading required to get to the trailhead. A high clearance vehicle is a must. The hike itself was easy!

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Great hike but the gps location is incorrect as stated elsewhere. Getting to the cave looks very steep so we chose to hike to the top with my 6 year old and new dog. Great views from the top!

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