2.0 miles
912 feet
Out & Back


trail running



no dogs

1 month ago

This trail was remote, packed full of amazing views, offers backpacking and car camping options, and rewards you with a little extra by having the fire watch tower at the top! The terrain changes a lot along the way. Larger rocks, gravel, some sandy/dirt, but over all pretty good for stability. There are some “no motorized vehicles beyond this point” signs along the access roads, which added some time to our hike bc we weren’t sure how far up we could drive. The small loop before the trail head begins is where you can park. Unless the fire tower is staffed and they let you access their water, there is no water on the trail. My husband and I did this hike in October and drank a decent amount, but had more than enough left in our 3 liter bladders (this was the first hike of the day, so our bladders were filled in preparation for a full day of hiking). There are two sets of switch backs, the first being much easier than the second. We’re from Indiana, so the elevation was a little hard to handle. The base of the hike was decently warm for this time of year, but once you hit the second set of switchbacks near the top, the wind picks up and the temperature feels quite a bit cooler. I did this hike in capri hiking pants, Keens close toed sandals, a wicking tank and base layer long sleeve and was 100% comfortable (temps were in the high 60’s). There was some construction being done on the tower so we talked with the workers briefly and were able to go onto the deck and take some photos. We also sat on the eastern side and had a quick snack before heading down. Take those bits into consideration when looking at our total time.
Great hike and other than the workers, we didn’t see a single human (lots of animal tracks though!).