Piestewa Peak Summit Trail #300

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Piestewa Peak Summit Trail #300 is a 2.3 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Phoenix, Arizona that features beautiful wild flowers and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from October until March.

2.3 miles
1085 feet
Out & Back



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wild flowers




no dogs

Hikers, walkers, sightseers and runners alike flock to this prominent peak like moths to a flame, drawn here in part because of it proximity to the city of Phoenix. Despite the crowds this mountain can still be a lot of fun, offering as it does a short but taxing climb and many great views along the short route.

2 days ago

It’s a pretty consistent climb to the peak, leveling out in a few places. There were a lot of other hikers and trail runners, but it’s a worthwhile trek. Awesome views from the top.

5 days ago

5 days ago

Great workout and nice views at the top. Tends to be very crowded.

6 days ago

My first trail ever it was so hard but I'm glad I did it

6 days ago

Parking a little tight at 715 am on a Sat., but lots of people coming down. That's probably a blessing because the trail is kind of crowded, but not so much as to ruin the hike. Views are nice. The peak is just that - a peak and not a lot of room for many people or anywhere you'd want to hang out for long. Entire trail is a stone staircase. I did not think it was as hard as it's made out to be. I personally prefer the open boulder hiking and views of Echo Canyon.

9 days ago

Lots of fun angles on the rocks to move faster on the way down.

10 days ago


12 days ago

fun hike. busy mountain

13 days ago

This was a tough hike, but worth it once we got to the top. Bring water... even in December you'll need it after some of the steepest parts. I agree with some other reviewers that this is a very busy trail, filled with all types of hikers. There were a few trail runners that would come up right behind us and say nothing, just pass very closely. One almost pushed me into the side of the mountain! But for the most part, everyone we met on the trail said good morning and even encouraged us. We even met an 83 yr old man who had hiked the trail every day for the last 42 yrs! Come early if you can... even at 5:45am the pkg lot was nearly full and there was already a lot of traffic going up and coming down. Overall, I'm glad we did this one. It's a view and a feeling of accomplishment I won't soon forget!

15 days ago

wow looking for workout, Burn baby burn!!!

18 days ago

The sunset took all my worries away... the views allowed a peace of mind. The parking I don’t like but one day it will be perfect. A great sunset hike!!!!

19 days ago

One of my favorites minus the heavy traffic! Love the elevation gain, and the view at the top. Parking is difficult to find on the weekends.

19 days ago

all around great hike. Just a little crowded. try doing it at night sometime, very peaceful.

21 days ago

Great workout, anyone can do it just depends on if you’re going for time, leisure or experience. Definitely not as challenging as Camelback Echo but a great hike!

21 days ago

Good workout for a short hike. Very little shade and moderate to heavily trafficked....

24 days ago

Pretty view from the top and definitely rewarding. This is the stairclimber from hell and my legs were shaking for an hour or so after. Good cardio workout. It is just a little too busy for my liking. There is a lot of loose rock and areas to fumble and having people on top of you going down and up makes the trek a little irritating to say the least. The parking lot was full by 6:30 am, well all 5 or so of them. We parked all the way down in the neighborhood and walked up about 3/4 mile or so, but that was almost a year ago. I saw comments saying they give tickets now. So, I guess get there when it is still dark for a spot.

26 days ago

So pretty !

27 days ago

Excellent workout

1 month ago

Great trail, hard but rewarding #

1 month ago

This hike is great. Crowdy and parking is very rare you have to arrive early in the morning. Bring water no shade along the trail. Very great view of Phoenix.

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