Perl Charles Memorial Trail (#1A)

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Perl Charles Memorial Trail (#1A) is a 6.9 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Phoenix, Arizona that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

6.9 miles
1007 feet

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Connected to the Perl Charles Memorial Trail. A short uphill climbing trail that adjoins the Perl Charles Memorial Trail (1A) at about 1 1/4 miles along the trail. It follows switchbacks up the side of the mountain, and then down the other side to rejoin the 1A and the 302.

4 days ago

nice trail for the most part, there are sometimes where it is not clearly marked and does intersect with other trails. Also, lots of side trail options. Trail rolls up an down the mountain so you will do the elevation changes multiple times.

11 days ago

Nice short day hike. The first mile along the interstate I could do without. I would say this trail is moderate/easy. Footing can be an issue in parts...very rocky. I took the voaz shortcut to take a few miles off the trip. It was a nice uphill hike with some good views. I enjoyed the hike and look forward to exploring more areas of the Preserve. Friendly people along the trail. I didn't have too much of an issue navigating but I do agree there could be more posts for less experienced hikers.

15 days ago

ok ...but not a moderate trail, should be rated easy, in my opinion.

1 month ago

Accidentally ended up on the trail because trail 220 is so poorly marked but glad we did. The inclines were not bad at all and lots of great views. Somewhat busy trail shared with mountain bikers but not crowded. Will do again!

2 months ago

Awesome set of trails! The beginning of the trail is a little confusing because it’s next to the interstate and seems to be more of a service road but if you keep going for about a mile, you get into the trail more. The terrain is a bit tough to keep your footing but not too bad. Highly recommend!

3 months ago

6 months ago

Thought this was a pretty good hike. I'll agree with the moderate rating. The terrain is a bit rugged throughout. I would suggest more signage tho. I got a little disoriented I guess you could say. Got to a point where it looked like the trail just ended at what I'll describe as a ravine but it actually continued once I got down the ravine and around a curve. There were several moderate inclines and one REALLY big one!!! I thought surely I'm going to have to go down the mountain but I kept encountering these inclines!!! The glutes and hamstrings got a serious workout today!!!

8 months ago

The cacti are flowering!

8 months ago

Back on the 1A yesterday. I started out on the 304 heading for the 8 on the way to Tatum Blvd., but decided there wasn't enough daylight left so bushwhacked over to the 1A and finished my hike there. I got some good snaps along the trail and ended the hike with 1C, the Irregular Link. I love the clever name, and the 1C forms a handy connector between 1 A on the north side of the mountain and 1A on the south side. It actually provides some reasonably challenging climbing, rising up to 1,987 feet, or about 600 feet under the summit. 1C lies a little bit west on 1A from VOAZ.

9 months ago

Route traverses nice enough terrain but poor signage makes it difficult to follow and abundant loose rock and ankle-twisting hazards will have you looking at your feet a lot. If you're looking for a pleasant, challenging mountain hike in this region, there's better.

mountain biking
10 months ago

Fun trail! Good climbing. I like going up VOAZ from this

mountain biking
10 months ago

Makes some great tech climbing and gnar DH. Also more technical trails off shoot along the way like VOAZ

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Very long and hilly.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Attempted trail 1A yesterday. Not well marked. There are both new and old directional markers, and at times they contradicted each other. Got lost a couple times and ended up hiking farther than expected. Got tired half way through. This is my third attempt at completing this trail, and whether I go clockwise or counter clockwise, I ended missing a turn each time. Perhaps fourth time will be the charm., though I have no desire to back any time soon. I'll stick with shorter trails.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Traveled over on the VOAZ today, from one side of the 1A (Perl Charles Memorial) to the other. It makes a shortened trek of the 1A. Otherwise, it's 7 miles from one end to the other. The VOAZ presents a bit of a climb up and over the peak to the other side and back to connecting trails to Squaw Peak Drive and parking. The Irregular Link does the same thing, but that one's even higher. It's a handy trail anyway, and scenic. Lots of great snaps up there. If you find yourself on the 1A and don't want to go the long way out, this is good to look for. You can easily stretch the hike into 3+ miles. Not bad at all.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Back on Perl Charles Memorial (1A) today. I caught the 1A from the Nature Trail (304) off of Squaw Peak Drive. I then turned onto the Irregular Link (1C), expecting to cross over the mountain and back to the 304, and back to parking. Somehow I missed the turn today. I didn't go straight over the mountain, but instead got back on the 1A and continued to the 302 Summit Trail. I went up to the Summit Trail, and then turned and headed down. That's a fairly long hike, and it is especially difficult in the heat. I did get a lot of nice pictures, but I was beat by the time I topped out at Summit Trail. I had done that trail before, but wasn't exactly planning on it today. At least I made it! It's a good trail anyway, and it is recommended for hikers who have a little time and a lot of leg strength. It's more good hiking at Piestewa Peak.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Great 7 mile workout!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Back on the VOAZ today. I had been gone from Squaw Peak for a while, long enough that I had forgotten where the VOAZ was! When I came to it today, I had no idea I was even close. I thought I had discovered a new stretch on the 1A (Perl Charles Memorial). Anyway, this is a fun little side trail, which does adjoin the 1A on the north side and south side of that loop. It conveniently crosses over the mountain and then rejoins the 1A along with the 302 (Freedom Trail). I also did not realize that the VOAZ is a loop of it's own, beginning and ending on the south side of the 1A loop. The sign reading VOAZ loop is partly obstructed. Not a terribly long hike either, being only 1 1/2 miles total. Not bad, though, as Squaw Peak goes.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Happened upon this trail while on the Perl Charles Memorial (1A). This is the 1B. It adjoins the 1A at about 1 1/4 miles along the trail, joining it off of the Nature Trail (304). Three are two legs to the 1A off of the 304, reached in order as you proceed along on the 304. I found this off the second leg, which is more interesting in my opinion. The 1B turns due south and the climbs the mountain with switchbacks. It is not a hard climb at all, and in the late afternoon, it is shaded by the range just to the west. It rolls over the mountain, and then rejoins the 1A and the 302 below. It is easy to navigate, and at least in the later afternoon, quite comfortable.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Did the Perl Charles Memorial Trail (also known as the Squaw Peak 1A) again today.. I had been on it before, but never really did it before. Today, I intended to do the full loop, which the map shows as circling Squaw Peak. I picked it up off of the 304 (Nature Trail) beginning on the east end of Squaw Peak drive. 304 is an easy two mile loop beginning and ending there. After about one half mile it meets the 1A, and the 1A then continues on north before turning west. I headed off in that direction, entranced by the many striking rock structures along the way. I stared off the trail onto the mountain, and thought about breaking trail to climb up the side of the mountain to a trail I saw nearby. I did not break trail, but after about a mile and a half I came to the Irregular Link (1C), which turned due south and proceeded through switchbacks to climb the mountain.It also joined up again with the 1A. At the top, I proceeded down and to my pleasant surprise, came back to the 304! I was a little unsure of where I was while on the Irregular Link, but with that connection, I was right back where I wanted to be. An amazing hike for Squaw Peak!

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