Newman Peak: Southeast Face

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Picacho, Arizona

Newman Peak: Southeast Face is a 4 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Picacho, Arizona that offers scenic views and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is best used from September until May.

Distance: 4.0 miles Elevation Gain: 2,211 feet Route Type: Out & Back





Challenging hike, spectacular vistas, remote location This rarely visited peak is located in a remote location in the Picacho Mountains. From your parking spot hike along the faint road until it dead ends at a firepit/campsite. If you have a four wheel drive vehicle, you may be able to drive to this location. This is the end of the trail and the rest of the route is cross country. The route to the summit follows the main gully that ends at the saddle between Newman Peak and the minor peak to the west. Follow the drainage up to the massive chockstone about 2/3 of the way up. From here head to the east, picking your way through cliff bands, boulders and cacti until you reach the summit. At the summit you will enjoy spectacular 360 degree views. From the summit of Newman Peak many mountain ranges are visible: Santa Catalinas, Silverbell Mountains, Tucson Mountains, Superstition Mountains,Tortolitas Mountains and Table Tops Mountains, to name just a few.

5 months ago

A buddy and I did this hike about 25 years ago (1995?). The driving approach and the hiking route we followed look about the same as that described here. Not an easy stroll. There was absolutely no trail or any markings. Very steep and rugged terrain, and route-finding skills are a must. We tried descending a different way and got cliffed out and had to do some serious backtracking, which was brutal as it was August and we were already wasted from the ascent. Ah, youth! It’s probably best if you don’t get too creative experimenting with alternate routes. The hike was memorable, though there’s a reason I haven’t done it again! I doubt that more than a couple of parties per year climb it. Worth doing, if for no other reason than looking up at it when you drive by on I-10 and saying “I’ve been there!”

7 months ago

1/4 hike, 1/4 bouldering -scramble, 1/4 route finding, 1/4 bush wacking. Trail, what trail? But if you follow the map it will get you there. I seen my first AZ Mountain Sheep on this Trail, got within 30 yards before we seen each other! Wear pants and long sleeves, trust me, I was in shorts and a T and my arms and legs paid for it. Drive in via Red Rock exit Pecan Rd following GPS directions from the app. Wanted me to park in the wrong draw so use some common sense, the road is further west then where it told me to turn to towards the mountain. I was in a stock Jeep Liberty and did 90% in 2WD. I did manage to make it all the way till the end of the RD where there is that little loop to park at outa the grass. I do have All Terrain tires. Had to use 4x4 to cross the little wash where the road crosses to the east. bumpy, rocky but with smart lines most 4x4 SUVs could make it with decent tires. From where I parked it was 1.77 miles to the top according to the Samsung Health App. Short tough hike, but to say you did it, was worth it. Exited the Other Route which eventually wrapped around the Mountain to the West and takes you out around some farms and Milligan Rd. Easier to take Red Rock route. Enjoy

Mon Apr 09 2018

Extremely hard to follow the trail laid out here in AllTrails once you start your hike. We saw a green Mohave rattler near the top. Recommend snake gaitors for the snakes as well as all the cats claw. Great views when you get to the top

Wed Jan 31 2018

Brad’s directions are dead on. Recommend taking an ATV. Plenty of room to park when Pecan road turns to dirt and you will be able to go about a mile past the game water spot. Once the ATV trail ends, you can follow the draw during the steep portion to ensure you don’t approach a cliff and stay on the mapped course without having to constantly check your phone.

Tue Dec 26 2017

Fun and challenging. Definitely glad I was able to follow the route on this app. Trail is not marked or much of a trail at all. Lots of loose rocks and boulders. Take plenty of water. I was able to drive in with a 2 wheel Drive truck. I would not recommend driving a car. If your gps takes you on Pecan road. (Don't even bother taking San Jacinto Road) Take until it turns into dirt. Exit onto the dirt road. At this point you are still on pecan road. There is no more street signs. Maybe 600 or 700 feet in there is a road to the left. There is a PaloVerde tree with and old chair under it. ( I can't make that up) Follow that to a gate. Please close all gates behind you. At this point follow the canal to the left of the road. You Will come to an opening where the canal goes under ground go left through the gate. Then after you close the gate behind you. Go right head of you 500 or 600 feet is E Jacinto Road. Go right again. It Will take you over the canal and a little cattle guard. If you are still following your the AllTrails map it seemed to be pretty spot on at this point. The only place I got lost I missed a left right after the canal. Maybe 1/8 of a mile. It kinda looks like a little sandy wash. But has plenty of tire tracks. Follow that back in for a bit. Until you come to a spot where you can go left towards the canal or right through an old gate. Go through the old gate. I followed this for a bit and finally parked by the AZ game and fish pond. Just past on the left is a great place to park. The trail past there looked like to much for my truck. So I set off from there. And followed the Altrails map from that point. Enjoy the hike. Trust me when I say follow the same directions I give you driving in on the Way out. It is the easiest.

Mon Mar 20 2017

I was with Jason. We suck. Great views at the top, though. Be careful and smart with this one.

Fri Mar 10 2017

Like an idiot, I decided to "make my own trail" towards the top. Fortunately I made it to the top without any problems. My biggest mistake was thinking I could go back a different way. DO NOT EVER DO THIS! I had to turn around and go back uphill. Long story short. I ran out of water LONG before I was back to my vehicle. I had no more snacks either. Oh and my legs were cramping really bad. This hike was a lot of fun but I was an idiot! Thankfully I'm alive to tell the story. On a side not, I hope you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle. It was rugged terrain just getting to the "trail" (the trail is pretty much non existent). Best of luck to you!

Sat Oct 08 2016

Will do it again....

Sun May 15 2016

Awesome scrambles near the top. Every time you pass it on i10 you can say you sat on top of that pretty piece of rock. Go get after it.

2 months ago

Thu Dec 28 2017