Indian Garden via Bright Angel Trail is a 13.2 kilometer heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Grand Canyon Village, Arizona that features a river and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, and backpacking and is best used from September until May.

13.2 km
897 m
Out & Back






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19 days ago

Absolutely fantastic. With every step.
I should point out that I’m not usually hiking but I can’t imagine it gets any better then this.
I however want to make a remarks about all the previous reviews. When reading them I got really scared and almost didn’t do the hike. In reality the hike wasn’t that tough. I’m 57 years old and me and my wife started 09;00 AM. We hit Indian Garden by 10:30 and had a 10 min break. We went back up to 3 mile point and had lunch. We were back at the rim at 1:00 PM. The hiking time was 3 hours 20 min and rest time was 40 min.
I fully understand that we had temperatures at start around 50F and ending around 60F and that makes a huge difference. However, my point is that unless it is 104F you don’t have to start that early and you can easily do the hike in 4 hours including breakers.

2 months ago

Pretty heavily trafficked and didn’t think the Indian Garden was anything worth hiking to. You can get much better views on South Kaibab. Recommend starting very early because the ascent is difficult. Kudos to those who made it down to the river (which they don’t recommend you do in one day). Or just go ahead and do South Kaibab....

2 months ago

3 months ago

Excellent hike. Started at 8:30am with the rim temperature around 65° (it was morning!) and by the time we got down to Indian Garden at 11:00am it was 94°. Extremely difficult hike on the way back. I am from Florida so despite my being "in shape" this hike was tough with the elevation change and dry heat. We left Indian Garden around 11:45am and got back to the top of the trail just shy of 3:00pm where the temperature was in the 80s. I drank probably over 100oz of water both ways and ate a big cliff bar at the bottom. I don't do well with activities on a full stomach.

We passed a lot/saw a lot of people going down AT NOON. No. Even 8:30am was a bit of a late start and because of it we couldn't manage the heat to get to the plateau. Start at sunrise. Otherwise go at like 2/3pm and settle for a nice 3 miler. It's just too hot in August and risking heat exhaustion is a terrible idea.

Really great hike. Next time I'll go in September and start by 6am.

5 months ago

Challenging and rewarding hike! It was my first time descending a Canyon, and it was nearly 15-20 degrees hotter at Indian Gardens than at the top.

6 months ago

Hiked down to Indian Garden and back. Was 100 degrees at Indian Garden so decided not to do Plateau Point. Was first time hiking a canyon and loved it. The last mile out was the easiest of the entire hike. I hate hiking downhill and the sun was setting so the canyon was mostly in shade below the rim. Water was on. Packed 4 liters in and drank 6-7 total.

6 months ago

This was my 1st big hike of the year, I had been training for what I thought would be enough preparation for this big 9 mile hike. Hiking is nothing new to me, but these larger distance hikes are; although, I had been power walking and doing light jogging for 30 minutes 3 to 4 times a week, for 2 months. It was tough the last 2.2 miles of the trail going back up to bright angel trail. My gps said i was keeping a pace on 1.5mph going down and then coming up I was 0.91 mph and then the last couple miles I dropped down to 0.75-0.80, of course I took more breaks going up.

So we began our hike at 6:30 in the morning, and arrived at Indian gardens at 10:30 that same morning, rested and had our lunch, then started our way back up around 11:22 p.m. and after much strenuous pushing, we arrived back to the top of bright angel trailhead and 8pm that evening. This was a challenge for me but I accomplished it, I am not to thrilled with my time but I know with more training I can cut that time down. Now I know to increase my jogging pace a little longer and maybe a little harder and start working out my legs. With that being said, it was a beautiful hike and despite my minor meltdowns, I would do this hike again. For me, there is something about working out with a hike, you make your way to the destination and you have to make your way back, and with treadmill workout or gym workouts, it is so easy and tempting to just stop and not continue.

Going down I drank about 107 oz of water, about 32 oz of that was vitamin water.
Going up 132oz of water.
I ate 1 bag of store bought jerky, one of the smaller bags, and packed myself 3 granola bars and had 2 cans of Vienna sausage, and finished a store bought trail mix, and 2 sneakers. (apologies for the lack of measurement information). keep in mind I ate hearty the night before and hydrated all week, I was averaging about a gallon a day for 5 days before my hike. This is definitely in the books for another hike. I hope my information was helpful.

I am 5' 1'', and 265 lbs. with about 2 months of jogging.

Total time was about 13.5 hrs, about 8 hrs of that was going back up from Indian Gardens to Bright angel trailhead.

It was a beautiful hike, with such vibrant scenery. Majority of the hikers were kind and had good hikers etiquette.

9 months ago

The trail is wide and well maintained with lots of switchbacks. The sun never penetrated the inner walls, which makes up about 75% of the hike (in January).

There are 2 rest houses, one at 1.5 mile and 3 mile marker.

The hike up is strenuous and very rewarding. I probably went through about 1.5 liters of water.

We hiked down in 2.25 hours
We hiked up in 3 hours

Beautiful views of the canyon on the way down and up

10 months ago

Approximate time:
~ 3 hours going down
~ 4.5 hours coming up

Word of advice:
What goes down must come back up. What looks easy going down ain't so easy when you have to climb 3000 feet up. You should have good fitness. Start your trip early in the day like 6-7 AM and you will be at Indian Garden around 10 AM. Hang out there, walk around and enjoy your lunch. If you start again around noon, you should be up by 4:30 PM. I do not recommend doing this in summer.

My experience:
If this doesn't take your breath away, what will? When you walk through the walls of the canyon carved over 6 million of years with rocks as old as 2 billion years old, you would find yourself humbled. You witness one of the most surreal landscapes in the world. We got to do this again later in 2017 and found it equally appealing. Such is the beauty of the Grand Canyon that you would always find a reason to go back again.

- stay overnight at the village so you can begin your hike early
- hiking shoes
- comfortable clothes with a light jacket
- 2-3 liters of water
- some salty snacks, protein bars, fruits, electrolytes
- trekking poles (good for support)
- toe nails cut (this is important)
- last but not the least, a friend or two in your company

11 months ago

AWESOME!! Look out for the Mule deer at Indian Garden, you might trip over them at night.

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