Hieroglyphic Trail

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Hieroglyphic Trail is a 2.9 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Gold Canyon, Arizona that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

2.9 miles
570 feet
Out & Back

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At the end of this trail are petroglyphs and small waterfalls in early spring. Note: do not park on the side of the road - you will get towed. Instead be sure to park in the parking lot area.

2 hours ago

Great views as you gain elevation, and hieroglyphs are worth the effort.

12 hours ago

Loved it❣️My Favorite Hike so far

1 day ago

Great hike. our twins 8 years olds made it with very minimal complaining. Hike is easy but trail makes it slightly for complicated because of how Rocky. would absolutely hike it again. bring a lunch and hang out at the hieroglyphics.

2 days ago

This was a beautiful, easy hike. The petroglyphs were really neat to see. The trail was super crowded and there were a ton of large, slow moving groups so prepare for a slow stroll or go on a weekday.

3 days ago

Excellent easy hike. I'm very gradual walk up the mountain to the hieroglyphs. Some rocky areas but overall very gradual and very nice. Extremely scenic and the hieroglyphs are good. The closer you get to the waterfall and hieroglyph area the more difficult the walk becomes but it's well worth making the hike. Lots and lots of indigenous vegetation and cacti. We thoroughly enjoyed it. The only downside is it's heavily used. Probably better during the week then on the weekends.

Beautiful hike with a 6 and 8 year old. Bring plenty of water!

4 days ago

*BEWARE* do not park where there are no parking signs - they will tow!!!! We had to park in side bc parking lot was full. We thought just maybe we would be ok because we saw many others do the same. We were gone 2 hours hiking, which was beautiful but when we came back our car was towed!!! If it wasn’t for some friendly others to give us a to the nearest store, we would have been stranded!!!! Now we have to wait 2 days to get the car because the impound lot is closed on the weekend!! I know it was wrong of us but pretty messed up that we couldn’t get our car back the same day!!! We will never return again.

5 days ago

Weather 65°. Sunny blue sky.
Not to hard. Steady incline. No scrambling. No waterfall after recent rain. Great views in all directions.

8 days ago

THIS is a great trail! very busy, so go early to get parking. Very rewarding at the top, petroglyphs are so cool! We're new to hiking having just moved here from Ohio in October, this tops the list so far. BEAUTIFUL views!!!!!

9 days ago

Good hike for all ages. The petroglyphs are absolutely amazing!

10 days ago

Nice walk. Hieroglyphs were on point! No water or waterfall this time of year. Still beautiful!

10 days ago

First hike of our 52 hike challenge. Started later than wanted to. No shade on this trail so luckily it was nice and cool out. Beautiful when we got to see the Heiroglyphics.

11 days ago

I loved this trail! I was hesitant to go because it was marked "easy" and I was interested in more of a challenge. I've done dozens of hikes suggested from this app and this was the first I thought was mislabeled because this is not an easy, flat hike. This included scrabbling over boulders and finding your way when the path seemed to go in a few directions. "Moderate" would be more appropriate. The views are beautiful and the payoff at the petroglyphs is rewarding. It's a fantastic couple hour hike, especially in cooler weather!

12 days ago

Under rated as easy. Very rocky. Moderate would be more accurate. People were turning around at the second gate because it was more difficult than the sites state. Best to stop along the way because the views are gorgeous but you can't look on the way up or down without stopping or you will trip because of the rocky trails. Beautiful and worth the hike, just know what you are in for. Definitely not for the little kiddos.

14 days ago

Fabulous hike especially for families with kids.

15 days ago

Protip: If you’re gonna camp out with your Subway sandwiches, dont do it right in front of the petroglyphs while others are trying to take pictures and hike around you. We had to step directly over one insouciant girl’s things, who never even tried to move them off the trail. Some people. Cool site though.

15 days ago

Very busy trail but was a nice way to start the year. Dogs loved it!

15 days ago

beautiful trail, but I didn't make it all the way to the petroglyphs. Didn't have time, and I wanted to make sure I made it back to the parking lot by the time I got dark. Parts of the trailer very rocky, and it's a pretty steady climb most of the way in. They're not kidding about towing your car if you park in the no-parking zone. There were two trucks tow trucks out there when I arrived. Fortunately, there were parking spots available. Very busy trail on a beautiful day in the winter!

16 days ago

They are not kidding when they say you will get towed if you park on the road. We got towed and they scratched up our vehicle in the process and had to pay $182 in cash to get it back.

16 days ago

Great trail to hike with the family

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