Havasu Falls and Mooney Falls Trail

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Havasu Falls and Mooney Falls Trail is a 21.6 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Supai, Arizona that features a waterfall and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October.

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3628 feet
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Permit Required The Havasupai Indian Reservation is not part of the Grand Canyon National Park, but you cannot tell that from the scenery. From your very first step at the trailhead parking lot until your return at the end of your trip, you will be swiveling your head side to side to take it all in. The water is a turquoise blue/green and the perfect way to refresh the tired legs and back after the 12 mile trek down to the campground. Hitting the trail The parking lot at the trailhead is stunning to say the least. It is perched more than 1000 feet above the valley floor and provides one of the best vistas of the trip. The trail starts with a steep descent down the face of the box canyon to the valley floor by way of a series of switchbacks. If you have creaky knees, you will definitely feel this descent! Be on the lookout for the approaching mules. They have the right-of-way, and won't stop to wait for you to move to the side. Once you reach the valley floor, the trail bends to the north and follows the wash for 8 miles into the Indian town of Supai. Along the way, the canyon walls draw closer and the surroundings become more grand. You get a sense for the true size of the canyon walls when then tower hundreds of feet straight up as you make your way down the canyon. There is more shade in this narrow section of trail. The sun doesn't have the angle to penetrate the canyon and it helps to keep temperatures down. In this slot section ( which starts at about mile 7), you really need to watch for the mule packs. As they approach, move to the canyon wall side and not the cliff side. The wrong move could be disastrous as these animals move through. At the end of the slot section, it opens and the Havasu Creek comes in from the right side. As you cross the open expanse, following the trail as it curves to the left, you will hear the water for the first time. It comes into view as you enter the heavier vegetation. The town of Supai is close. You will follow the irrigation channel into Supai. The two miles following the town of Supai are packed with waterfalls, blue-green water, and tons of photo opportunities. It's just 2 miles to Havasu Falls from Supai. The campground and Mooney Falls are just beyond that.

18 hours ago

I am trying to get a permit for 2 of us and I can’t get thru the phone lines. I have called continuously but no answer. Any suggestions on how else I can purchase a couple nights stay for 2 possibly 3 of us? Would they help me if I drive all the way there? Please email me if you have suggestions : chapis503@outlook.com

1 day ago

AMAZING. Honestly no words.

6 days ago

Such a beautiful place to go and see nature. The hike in was roughly 12 miles in (not the 10 everyone says). We checked in at the village and were on our way. There isn’t any signs along the way to let us know we were heading in the right direction so we used other hikers as our “guides” to know we were heading in the right direction. When we reached the first “fall” it was a disappointment (only because I thought that was where we were suppose to be and that was it). Keep going, pass the signs that say “Dangerous Unstable Ground” and pass the grave yard. When you are getting nervous you will never make it, just go a little further and you are there. This place is totally worth the sore muscles and exhaustion. We did put up our tent in close to the Natural Spring water (really made life easier to be so close to the fresh water). The hike out is daunting, tiring and makes you question every poor life choice but when you reach the top and are back in the comfort of your own vehicle, it makes you feel accomplished. Wear good supportive shoes, take ONLY what you need and hand sanitizer NEEDS to make it in your pack. Females, be prepared to “hover” in the bathrooms. Most importantly....enjoy the place....it’s absolutely beautiful and magical.

8 days ago

It was an amazing experience!

12 days ago

Absolutely amazing!

15 days ago

AMAZING views! Awesome waterfalls! Must do again!

15 days ago

Best ever!!!❤️

23 days ago

lucky enough to snag one of the coveted permits this year. unbelievable experience the entire way

25 days ago

Absolutely beautiful hike! the first 8 miles is within the canyon and it was the most beautiful scenery! the campgrounds were awesome! almost every spot is near the water and you're an easy walk to Mooney and havasu! if you have the ability and the time to go to beaver falls DO IT! the hike was SO much different from the rest of the hike and you do a lot of water crossing and the scenery is way different! It was so much fun actually. glad I made the trek down Mooney Falls. disclaimer: the trek down Mooney Falls is not for the feint of heart! But it is absolutely possible to do so don't let it freak you out at first glance! I'm glad I did this in February but if you do this in summer months you will need a lot.of water for the first part of the hike! also bring wet shoes if you do the water crossing!

26 days ago

One of the world’s most beautiful places. So lucky to have gotten a permit. Went in mid February and it was absolutely beautiful. The hike is relatively easy except for making it the last mile up on your way back.

Pack a lot of water and high energy foods (protein bars, etc.) as you’ll need it on the way out!

1 month ago

It's hard to imagine a better hike anywhere in the United States than this one. It is absolutely required to have a permit and they are pretty difficult to acquire. The tribe begins selling them for the calendar year on February 1. They sell out within a day or two. We have done this trail twice in October. It is in quite a remote area with the nearest town (to the trailhead) being Peach Springs Arizona. The hike in is fairly easy but does seem to take a while due to the fact that you are walking through sand. You hike and hike through red rock canyon and the canyon becomes increasingly narrow. It's a beautiful hike. The village of Supai greets you about two miles before your ultimate destination - the campground. The village features a few buildings and the particular ones of interest for backpackers are the camping office where you check in, receive your wrist bands, and pay (I believe for 2018 it has changed and you now pay in advance. When we went in 2015 and 2016, you paid in person). There is also a small fast-food style restaurant that we ate entirely too much food in, making the last two miles pretty uncomfortable. It's hard to resist some tater tots and a cold drink (non-alcoholic, alcohol is completely banned on the reservation so don't bring any) after a long, hot, dusty walk through the desert.

The hike out is retracing your steps but obviously you are going uphill. This trail differs from the trails in the Grand Canyon National Park in that the steep parts are all at the end (when you're leaving). The last 1.5 miles (and first 1.5 miles when hiking down) are steep switchbacks. You hit these when you are tired on the way out and probably when it's hot. I wouldn't want to do this trail in the summer. It was warm enough for me in October.

This is my favorite hiking or camping experience I have ever had. Be aware of the rules, regulations, and permit requirements.

1 month ago

One of the best hikes I've ever been on! Definitely try to get permits for this place. We wrote up a full review of the trail with tips and details on permitting and hiking the trail here: https://www.shedreamsofalpine.com/blog/your-complete-guide-to-hiking-havasu-falls-trail
A must do!

1 month ago

Backpacked over an extended weekend here. Permits were somewhat difficult to obtain to get on the reservation itself. Fairly flat hike in (except in/ out of the valley). We started very early in the morning but the hike did get very hot during midday sun. No need for a guide, everything was easily followed. The views and waterfalls were out of this world. We happens to take this trip when the Milky Way was above the falls, it was a once in a lifetime experience. This definitely was on my bucket list. Only disappointment was the amount of trash left at parts of the trail. It was definitely worth it, I would recommend this!

1 month ago

Hey Guys!
My name is Mo from Germany.
I guess my review might be more interesting for international guests.
As you already read .... there is no day hike allowed and nearly impossible. It s so amazing down there that just one or two hours aren’t enough.
I tried to plan the trip on my own a year before and tried to call the front desk of the visitor center in havasu.
It was very hard to reach someone. After 6 month of permanent calling a women took off the phone and just told me that there are no places available anymore.
I was very frustrated and scared that I could not make a hook on my bucketlist.
I was browsing through the internet to find any other way to stay in havasu.
Finally I found the company AOA Arizona Outback Adventures. They are offering guided tours down to the village.
To be honest ..... it was expensive but definitely worth it. I booked a three day two nights tour.

We met our guides Izzy and Sam early in the morning close to hilltop.
There we had a quick safety briefing and a breakfast. They also provided us with care packages.
In the canyon they told us a lot about the tribe and history of the canyon.
After a long hike we arrived in havasu where our tents were already prepared.
Our guides cooked for us and than we headed to the bed/tent.
We woke up early in the morning and made our way to Mooney Falls.
Our guides showed us hidden spots. Simply amazing. Than we had a lot of time at havasu Falls to rest.
In the evening Izzy and Sam served us dinner again.
There was so much more they provided us with or showed/told us.
The last day we woke up at 4 am and made our way out of the canyon.

One of the best experiences I ever had in life.
I was so proud of myself.
I would definitely book this trip again.

I prepared myself with cardio training before.
I think it’s necessary to enjoy the whole trip and sourrounding

1 month ago

Great Hike! It was hard but worth it!

2 months ago

rando facile, paysage incroyable. Par contre, ça me refroidit toujours un peu de trouver des déchets par terre en rando et ce ne sont pas les cannettes jetées en chemin qui manquent. Par contre, ce n'est rien à côté de la mauvaise surprise que nous avons eu en traversant le village (qui ressemble à un site d'enfouissement). Heureusement, le camping et les chutes sont à quelques kilomètres une fois le village traversé.

2 months ago

Love this hike. Can’t wait to do it again someday.

3 months ago

Long hike but well worth it! Make sure you have permits, the village does not permit day hikes.

3 months ago

One of the best I've been to.

3 months ago

3 months ago

The best hiking, backpacking trip ever. Would recommend this 100% for those looking for a little piece of heaven.

3 months ago

best trip so far. long. pack lite as possible. trip back is a pain, especially the switchbacks. don't leave your pack out with food hang it up. squirrels. good socks.

3 months ago

If you are a lover of animals, BEWARE! You’ll want to remove this from your bucket list if you have any sensitivities to witnessing animal neglect. I wish I had read these reviews instead of listening to word of mouth on how great it was. If I had really known about the conditions of the animals I honestly never would have gone. I felt I was actually in a third world country based on the conditions of the animals in the town of Havasu, the hill top, and even close to camp. Within the first 15 minutes of my hike in I witnessed a horse carrying who knows how much weight in coolers almost fall to its death slipping on a switchback corner then almost getting its neck broken because it was part of a roped group and the horses didn’t stop right away; random hikers were the ones who helped lift/push it to be rescued because the carrier person didn’t want to free it of its gear to be freed of the neck wrapped rope and the impending cliff edge, I saw many starving horses, starving dogs and some animals sick with diarrhea because they weren’t getting proper nutrition and vet care, and horses standing in extreme heat with bleeding open sores. I’ve uploaded pics I could take of horses without breaking tribal respect for no pictures. Being on tribal land and not having adequate cell service to report concerns until by then it could no longer be “tracked/found” was crushing. Please read all the reviews and follow the advice of others in that if you do decide to go DO NOT use a hiking guide company that contracts with the pack mules - force them to use the helicopter, do not use the pack mules yourself, and do not uses horses as a way out. Support the tribe’s needs and healing in other ways... with funding for food, education, etc and alternative options for supporting the tourism that helps them support their own families. Do right by the animals by not further funding this type of demand. Although it was pretty it wasn’t worth all the pain and suffering I saw around me. Also a sewer line broke up in town and was contaminating the water so enjoying the water was off limits the entire time we were there. All I really could and wanted to do the entire time was think of a good solution that would help end the cruelty yet work for the poor families, but I realized as long as people pay to use the pack animals, and there’s no federal intervention, this will continue. This wasn’t what I expected from what others raved about (some people choosing to ignore the problem?) and let’s just say I definitely didn’t get home feeling serene or relaxed from my “vacation” as expected. Go to Zion’s instead. Hike Angels landing, the narrows, or hike the Grand Canyon. Many other bucket list hikes with a good sense of challenge to chose from if you don’t have the stomach, aren’t ready to backpack in and out yourselves, or research a company that doesn’t perpetuate the mistreatment (I don’t know if one). Get it in writing though. I’ve seen companies say they were boycotting for change which made it to press, but they are back to using the mules. Do the research if you decide to use a guided service!

3 months ago

Other worldly!!! Awesome and challenging but totally worth it.

4 months ago

Life changing hike!

It was my first time to backpack.
The trail was easy ( going to the village)
Going back to the hilltop is another story....

Watch my video on Youtube to get an idea on how the trail is.

Youtube account: Melissa DC Gomez

HIKE: Havasu Falls

Leave a comment fkr any questions or concerns. Let me know what you think.

4 months ago

Stunning and magnificent hike! Unfortunately, in a place with so much beauty is so much cruelty. PLEASE pack in and out your own gear and do not use the horses/mules or support tour companies that do. The hike is not that hard and if you need to, use the helicopter option. My husband and I witnesses first hand very few hikers carrying their own gear, even young 20 somethings. The horses are forced to RUN on steep, rocky and dangerous terrain overloaded with coolers, backpacks and supplies. The straps rub their skin raw. Many are tied together and forced to keep up. We witnessed a 350 pound wrangler being extremely gruff with a horse only to mount the poor animal and force him to run. Support the tribe with your money and be respectful of their gorgeous land. But help stop the demand for these animals to haul your gear. Help spread awareness of the plight of these precious animals. Many are tied up with short ropes in the sun with no access to food or water. There is no grass for grazing. The wranglers look stressed...you can imagine the pressure on them to get those horses up and down as fast as possible. Get in shape, take it slow, and be proud that whatever you need is on your own back.

4 months ago

We went in late September and couldn’t have asked to better weather. Permits were near impossible to get but we persisted!

We only stayed for one night which is our only regret. Wish we would have stayed 2-3.

The hike was pretty easy to the falls but a bit harder on the way back. Especially the last 2 miles. Do not rely on taking the helicopter out because the lines were insane.

One of the best hikes I’ve ever done - hands down!

4 months ago

We did this last week!
It was the best thing we ever did!

Watch my Hike video to Havasu Falls?

Youtube acct: Melissa DC Gomez ; HIKE: Havasu Falls

4 months ago

Amazing views and fantastic hike

4 months ago

This was a great hike other than having to empty sand out of my shoes a couple times through the town. Very moderate and it was embarrassing how many people were using pack mules to take out there gear on this hike. I hiked out early in the morning/night and it was an amazing feeling in the canyons only illuminated by the stars.

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