Grand Canyon South Rim Scenic Drive: Cameron to Grand Canyon Village

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Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon South Rim Scenic Drive: Cameron to Grand Canyon Village is a 55 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Cameron, Arizona that offers scenic views and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for nature trips and scenic driving and is accessible year-round.

Distance: 55.0 miles Elevation Gain: 5,255 feet Route Type: Point to Point

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Cameron, AZ, intersection Hwy 89 and Hwy 64, west to Grand Canyon Village

27 days ago

Went in the middle of summer, take lots of water. Probably not great for kids 6 and under. There is plenty of shade but the heat is brutal. One day is not enough, this place is beautiful.

4 months ago

Beautiful winter drive

6 months ago

Just drive, park, take’s great but I am a nervous wreck with the kids. I can’t believe the Grand Canyon is considered kid friendly. My kids are good but they are still kids. Counted 28 Elk. Almost all by the guest center. One was close enough to touch but luckily we were in our car; made for stunning photos.

11 months ago

Very touristy and paved. Great outlooks for a quick, beautiful viewing of the Grand.

nature trips
Sun Jul 15 2018

gorgeous views. We saw too many deer to even count. Wow. Can't wait to go back.

Wed Mar 28 2018

Best memory there simply walk along the trail and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Sat Mar 24 2018

Several spots to pull over and enjoy the view. If you want to avoid people you can pull over right on the side of the road along the way.

Wed Jan 17 2018

TOTALLY WORTH IT. Being a dog mom it is so important that my “kids” come with me on every road trip. Most National Parks are not dog friendly which is a huge bummer. However, this trail is 12 frickin’ miles long and it’s views are truly breathtaking. It’s a paved trail which makes it easy to cover lots of ground in a short amount of time. We got up close and personal with at least 8 elk on our 7 mile hike. We were on the trail by 8:30 on a Tuesday and basically spent the whole first half of the hike by ourselves, which was such a peaceful vibe. To get to the trail we had to park in the campground across the street from the Wiki/Kuibab Point Trail. There you will come to a lookout and look for the only paved trail across from the mule stables. We drove 22 hrs from Kansas to see it and I don’t regret the drive at all.

Sat Nov 11 2017

Beautiful drive with many scenic points to stop at!

scenic driving
Thu Dec 08 2016

Had been to the Grand Canyon many years ago and wanted to see it again, so we did the scenic drive on our way to Sedona for a week. Just as awesome as ever. Be sure to stop at a number of the turnoffs and make the short walks to new vistas.

scenic driving
Mon Jun 27 2016

Scenic drive follows the south rim of the canyon and takes you to a number of lookouts and trails as you enter the park and head to the south rim visitor center. Take advantage of the views and trails. Well worth it.

Sun Mar 27 2016

Did 6.1 miles with the family. Nice hike for March. Too many people for my liking, and they all seem to like to stop in the middle of the trail constantly.

Tue Dec 22 2015

Amazing! You must do this!

scenic driving
Wed Jun 24 2015

Great views early in the morning.

scenic driving
Mon May 11 2015

Pretty drive, great scenery.

scenic driving
Sun Mar 22 2015

breath taking scenery, you just don't realize until you see it for yourself.

scenic driving
Tue Jan 20 2015

After taking the 15 mile float trip from Glen Canyon Dam down to Lee's Ferry (highly recommend) we headed down Hwy 89 to Cameron, took a turnout on the way for the quick 1.5 mile RT walk through sand, rocks and desert to the top of the rim at Horseshoe Bend - for a different angle of the bend - great sight. Back out 89 to Cameron and the trading post. Along the way we saw piles of rock, piles of dark sand, painted desert and lots of Navajo stands, with signs like "The chief really wants to meet you" enticing us to stop. We waited till Cameron to stop at the trading post. We bought some sandstone souvenirs, and an amethyst crystal. Prior to the south rim, we saw some impressive views of the canyon formed by the "Little Colorado" River. The first stop after the entrance we came to was the Watchtower Desert-view. We climbed up the tower - lots of Indian art on the walls inside the tower. At 7500' this was the highest point on the south rim. We stopped at Lipan Point, and Grandview Point, just before Yaki Point, which is closed to private vehicles. We drove into the village, parked and walked to the west rim tram to go to Hopi Point for the sunset. It was extremely windy and clouds were rolling in - the guide said it hadn't been windy at all before then - probably a sign of the start of monsoon season (July/August). We saw evidence of fires on the east rim too, although not as noticeable as the north rim. Hopi Point was beautiful. Caught the canyon bathed in golden red light, and also the sunset against the dark clouds - beautiful sights. Caught the express tram back, were nearly blown away at the rim trail near the pony corral, and drove to Maswik Lodge for the night. Great trip, everyone should have this on their bucket list.

scenic driving
Sun Oct 05 2014

To enjoy the canyon you need to spend a week. Recreational options virtually unlimited. The south drive is just a teaser to the majesty of the canyon.

Mon Feb 10 2014

Beautiful.. Mind blowing.

scenic driving
Sun Nov 10 2013

Amazing views

scenic driving
Thu Apr 11 2013

My first trip the the south rim was in May, 1968. I've been back on two other occasions, and am planning a trip for May 2013. Very impressive; just about the biggest example of erosion that I've ever seen.

scenic driving
Tue Nov 08 2011

A must see.

scenic driving
Sun Mar 06 2011

We've driven this road several times over the years - both ways - and I really like it. The scenery is nice - better at the viewpoints, and it is the easiest way for the average GC visitor to meet local Navajo people and to view some basic archeological ruins. Also, one of my few concessions to tourist kitsch is that I enjoy the usually overcrowded Cameron Trading Post. It is about the only sensible route from the South Rim to access the very interesting scenic and historic sites to the east. Side hikes are limited but worthwhile.

Wed Jan 26 2011

Words really won't do any justice to the sights you will see. I'd recommend a hike from the rim to the floor of the canyon.

scenic driving
Sat Jan 22 2011

It seems like most people go to the village walk to the overlook with fftty million other guests, say "awesome!" and head to Vegas or Disneyland. Most people spend less then a hour in this park, how sad. Granted if your not in the condition or don't have the time to hike one of it's amazing trails, then you must take this drive at least as far as Desert View and visit the Watchtower! Some vista's that make Mather Point at the village rather average are Grandview Point, Moran Point and my favorite Lipan Point. There are much less people at these points compared to the Village lookouts and in some cases you do not have the railings holding you back!

4 months ago

Sun Dec 30 2018

Fri Feb 17 2017

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