11.7 miles
72 feet
Point to Point

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road biking




road biking
3 months ago

The map accurately reflects the east half of the Grand Canal. The trail or canal at least extends all the way to New River where the canal ends. You can connect to the New River Trail there. I recently rode the east half depicted on the map from 7th Ave to Washington St and Center Pkwy at the east end.

Most of the trail is paved. What isn't is hard pan gravel. Easy enough to ride on. This is a walking or biking trail. Crossing major streets is a problem. Most of the time the trail crosses major traffic arteries in inconvenient places. Still the local cities have put in some lights and buttons so you can stop traffic at a couple of places.

Places of interest include the Cardinals Stadium, Pueblo Grande Museum, Steele Indian School Park and Tempe Town Lake is just around the corner from the east end. There are plenty of convenience stores, donut shops and fast food just off the trail.

One more thing. Most of the pix above are of somewhere else.