12.7 miles
5,341 feet
Out & Back

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

I have done this hike twice. Not sure I'll tackle it again, as it makes for a really long day. Florida Canyon trail is steep and long on it's own, never mind going further to Baldy Saddle. Both times I have done it, I have stopped at Baldy Saddle with Mt. Wrightson looming only 9/10 of a mile away. But I wisely turned around there both times, as that extra almost 2 miles would really wear on you. Florida Canyon trail was so thickly forested before the Florida Fire in the summer of 05' The canyon faces north and had some of the biggest trees in it I had seen anywhere on the mountain. Sad to see a lot of them burned and blown down. It is a little eerie walking thru there if there is any kind of wind blowing. Lots of burned trees are still standing and creak back and forth in the wind. You never know. Once at the top of Florida Saddle, you continue on the crest trail to Baldy Saddle. This section is almost easy compared to what you just climbed up. This trail passes by the top of the burned out saddle above the shovel area. Great views to the west from this spot. Once you get to Baldy saddle, a short rest is in order and then the long hike back to your vehicle. The last mile or two on the bottom of the Florida trail seems like it will never end. This hike too, is not for the casual hiker. This produces sore everything!!