Flatiron Via Siphon Draw Trail

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Flatiron Via Siphon Draw Trail is a 5.5 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Apache Junction, Arizona that features beautiful wild flowers and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from September until June. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

5.5 miles
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Bring plenty of water with you as there is none on the trail. Blue and white markers help with navigating.

1 day ago

One of my all time favorite hikes. How crowded it gets depends on the time you arrive. I started the other day at 8am and there was no crowd. The crowd really comes in after 9:30 or so. The earlier you start the better since there is little to no shade in the afternoon. Bring plenty of water (it's always smart to bring extra). Be prepared for a challenge!

2 days ago

It was a bit crowded but the higher you go the less people are on the trail. I think I counted a dozen people at the top. Like other people have said, pack more water than you think you will need and a light snack. I wouldn't recommend bringing a dog unless it's a very cool day, there is very little shade along the trail. We ended up going off trail and blazing our own path about 3/4's of the way up, it's easy to lose the trail markers as you get fatigued. Going down is easy and yet harder at the same time because your legs are shot from the trip. Overall it's a killer hike, amazing views.

4 days ago

Great trail. Amazing views. Definitely lives up to its difficult/hard rating, do not underestimate need for water and food, especially during warmer days. Plus it’s nice to take in the scenery at the top with a picnic and the chipmunks. Don’t forget to turn around on your way up, or look up on your way down to enjoy all the views, it’s easy to miss as you will have to check your footing with each step until you’re past the draw.

4 days ago

This was my fourth time up to Flat Iron, and it never disappoints.
Know that this trail has really gained in popularity, probably in large part due to great websites like AllTrails. Seven years ago when I did the hike my first time, I was one of only 4 people on the trail the entire day. The second time maybe 5-6 people tops. Lately it's been very crowded, which isn't a negative, it just felt like, well, lots of adventerous people are in for a challenging hike.
This isn't the typical tourist hike, like Piestewa, Pinnacle Peak or Camelback. I happen to like all three of those hikes and consider them good in their own rights. My point is that not many people just wake up one day and decide to go to the top of Flat Iron. Even if you're already in good physical condition, you have to know what you're in for.
Tips from my four times up and down:
Do your best to stay to the left, where some of the faded blue/white spots are on the boulders marking the trail. I learned the hard way my first time going up, when I naively thought the best way up is the shortest distance between two points.
Bad move, and potentially dangerous too.
I found myself on the right side of the more widely-used trail and had to navigate the rock face just at the top of the vegetation. I learned my lesson after that and have stuck to the main trail up ever since.
After making it to the top of Siphon Draw, the hike is a combination of steep incline and a mix of light bouldering and scrambling. Nothing terribly intimidating, but at this point of the hike you've already potentially used up alot of energy, so it just FEELS long, when in reality, distance-wise, it might actually be the shortest section of the entire hike.
Pacing yourself up to that point will do you alot of good.
I know there are experienced hikers who've done the hike in less than two hours, but that's an incredible feat. My times have typically been arounnd 2-1/2 hours plus some, but that's OK, I just turned 63 and this fourth time up was my first since open heart surgery back in May.
Best to plan on a total round-trip of 5-6 hours.
Echoing other hikers' opinions, getting a reasonably early start is a good idea, both to have the shade work for you on most of the trip up, as well as just to give yourself more time in case you find your pace taking onger than what you expected.
I like the suggestion of one of the hkers to bring an extra pair of socks for the return trip down. It just feels better, especially after sitting at the top, taking off the hiking boots and socks as a reward for making it to the top.
No doubt you'll see people on different routes making their way down. This is because the trail, in my opinion, can be tricky to stick to even on the way down.
As a testament to how hard the trail is, it takes a different kind of effort to get down, mostly because bouldering on the descent can at times be a toss-up between figuring out which parts to "tail it" down vs trying to firmly step down.

This hike gives a sense of accomplishment that's definitely something to treasure.
Plan accordingly, and if it's within your capabilities, you'll be very glad you did it.

4 days ago

Great !

4 days ago

Great hike! Difficult but worth it.

5 days ago

Lots of work up and down, but definitely worth it. When you get to Flatiron, spend the extra hour to get to the top of the mountain above Flatiron, in the hoodoos. A bit of a scramble, but you'll make it. I've now been up this twice, but based on my second up and down, go a little slow on the way down. You can use your arms to scramble down, aided by hiking or some kind of gloves for traction, and you'll not only do great, but you'll feel a lot better the next day. Well worth the effort.

6 days ago

although this hike is very challenging, it is one of my favorites. the view at the very top on flatiron in breathtaking. the trail can get confusing to follow at times, but there are little white spray paint markers on the rocks. if You can't find those, just follow where it looks like a dried up rocky river would be. stay within the crevices.

9 days ago

Sentier différent de ce qu'on a fait ailleurs en Arizona, mais oh combien amusant ! Le sentier est plutôt achalandé, mais la moitié des randonneurs la font au complet. Beaucoup portaient des gants pour grimper, mais la montée et la descente se font très bien sans. Nous sommes partis du camping après le dîner, ce qui nous a permis d'admirer le coucher du soleil en revenant (il fait noir très tôt en décembre ). Le sentier semblait plus achalandé en avant-midi. Prévoir 4h et beaucoup d'eau, les sentiers sont étroits et abruptes alors il faut parfois attendre pour être courtois.

9 days ago

This is a great hike and extremely challenging. You need to have proper footwear that grips rock and will help if you can lift your own body weight to rock scramble at 60 degrees.

The views and scenery is well worth the challenge. This is on par with Zion views. Loved the hike!!

11 days ago

Solid hike, loved the rocks and climbing. Great views and very rewarding.

11 days ago

I would rate it 10 on 10. It is a very satisfying hike once you complete it. Gives your body a full blown exercise. Not for beginner hikers and you need endurance to complete it. Lots of gravels and loose rocks so you need to be extra careful not to slip. The 12’ wall towards the end of the hike shouldn’t scare or stop you from completing your hike because there is an alternative way to the left of it.

11 days ago

I try to do this hike weekly for the workout and I just enjoy the hike. I think most people would agree it is a difficult hike.

11 days ago

Great hike

12 days ago

The views are amazing.

12 days ago

Beautiful trail. Challenging. Easy to get off trail up high, keep left in the main gully. Great views from the summit.

13 days ago

A great workout, and a rewarding spectacle at the top! "Not for the faint of heart", is an understatement, but we'll worth it. Definitely a hard hike. "Are you I kidding me", was all Icould say at times.

13 days ago

Round #2 love this trail !

14 days ago

Hard hike but the view is well worth it!

16 days ago

Quite good. The scramble is roughly the last 1/4 of the assent. On my trip there were a few unprepared hikers who were not in good enough shape to make the climb. The trail was not well marked. I enjoyed it.

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