Devils' Chasm Trail

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Devils' Chasm Trail is a 2.8 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Roosevelt, Arizona that offers scenic views and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

2.8 miles
2,283 feet
Out & Back

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19 days ago

I should have read the reviews more carefully before attempting this hike. It was beautiful and SO REMOTE. We were out almost half a day and saw no one else on the drive out or back. The giant downer of the excursion was that, as other reviewers have noted, the trail is not well-marked. As a result, we took a wrong turn and crossed to the right-hand side of the river too early. We didn’t realize our mistake until it was much too late. We didn’t have enough water or time to retrace our steps and try again, so we never made it to the payoff at the top! I’m still giving this trail four stars because it was stunning. One day I’d like to return and do it right, but in the meantime, I wish some good samaritan would leave cairns or other markers just at the key junctions where it’s so easy to take a wrong turn!

Note: there was a fresh rockslide on the “road” (cliff path) probably a half mile from the trailhead. We had a Jeep Wrangler but recognized that we might actually die if we attempted to drive over it, so we parked and walked the rest of the way!

4 months ago

A friend and I did tackled this hike a couple days ago. We are both physically fit, very experienced, and hike trails described as "difficult/strenuous" on a regular basis. We read many reviews about this trail and decided we were ready. Despite all our experience and preparations, this trail really kicked our butts.
A significant portion of the trail is along the left side of the very steep canyon and was covered in slippery fallen oak leaves. Later in the year, this may not be an issue. There are several areas where you need to cross incredibly narrow (barely 12 inches wide) path that drops down into the creek bed and the rocks. Would not be a pleasant fall. When you reach the point where you cross to the right side and begin your vertical ascent to the actual ruins, the ground is covered in scree, which makes every step hazardous. Keep low to the ground, go slowly, make sure your each foot is secure before taking another step. If you start to slide, you could end up sliding right off the trail and down the canyon. Trekking poles and gloves would be helpful. There is a rope previous hikers have tied to help in one portion.
The ruins, of course, are fabulous. Too bad thoughtless dimwits have lit campires inside, but we spent about an hour taking pictures, admiring the ruins and the views before the trek back down. The journey down is a nightmare, fighting gravity on the narrow, ridiculously steep trail where you cannot get your footing. In many parts, we ended up squatting on our hiking boots, and going for a controlled slide, relying on our trekking poles to steer/stop us before sliding over the edge.
Our bodies were aching, and we questioned our sanity, but we were glad to have checked this amazing hike off our list. We both agreed a significant amount of time would need to pass so we could forget how dangerous some parts were before we ever came back.
**ONLY for the very fit, advanced hiker! No joke. The risks are very real. No cell or gps, and not a single person the entire 20 mile drive (on dirt road, which took a good hour) to the trailhead or on the trail. If you are injured... you are really on your own. And being carried out, depending on where you are hurt, may not be possible.
TIPS: Bring trekking poles, gloves, GOOD HIKING BOOTS, and dress in layers. Do not attempt if you see any signs of snow or ice, or if water levels along cherry creek road are high or strong. Enjoy and appreciate the beauty, but also be smart and be safe!

4 months ago

Extremely challenging hike. Dead cow still there 19 days later. Haha. Gloves completely recommended. Good shoes a must. Well worth the challenge. I had a very slow pace. We did 8 miles out and back. Took 5 1/2 hours. Three hours up. 1 1/2 down. Trail unmarked and hard to follow at times.

5 months ago

Awesome hike! Challenging and slow to get to the trailhead. FR 203 in good condition until after Ellison Ranch where the road gets very rough. High clearance a must for the final few miles to the trailhead. I had a full size P/U that made it nearly to the end. I parked at the final cattle guard before the TH (0.8m away). There was a freshly dead cow about 10 minutes into the hike. Not too smelly at the time but will be soon! Ropes were in fine condition to use for stability. Cairns in place where needed. Ruins were unbelievable. Heads up that this hike is definitely for the experienced. VERY steep inclines for the last portion, hard to get down as well.

7 months ago

An oasis in the desert . Most of your hike is shaded following alongside the creek . Although the trail is hard to find sometimes. Just keep following the creek and go up . People have left ropes to aid in climbing which is much appreciated. We found gloves to be helpful. Don't go when it's raining , the rocks are very slippery and any misstep could find you injured or incapacitated in a remote area .. not good ! Cliff dwellings are awesome .

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Wow what a beautiful place and hike.
Challenging and not for beginners. First challenge is just getting to the beginning of the trail. 26 miles of dirt roads, 4x4 high clearance vehicles are a must. The hike it self is steep and trail is not very well marked. Area is completely isolated, it's you and nature and no one else. Not recommended for solo hikers, pack plenty of water, food, and GPS.

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Amazing. This hike has it all. Shade, running water, views and ancient Indian cliff dwellings. However it also has bugs, steep climbs (think ropes) and a challenging road to get there (think high clearance 4X4). One of my favorites in AZ.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wow! What a hike! First off, make sure you have a high clearance vehicle for the 22 miles of off-roading to the trailhead (the last 3-4 miles are the roughest). Depending on time of year and the water level and flow of the major water crossing (cherry creek), 4x4 may be a good idea to have.

On to the hike, the trailhead will be on your left side in a shaded area where you'll see a Leave No Trace sign (I passed it bc my GPS said keep going). The hike is divided into 3 parts, 1) a forest/shaded area that leads into the canyon and goes along the left side of the creek, 2) the canyon where you will climb a two waterfalls (ropes are already in place), and 3) the final climb to the top through some more shaded area and soft/loose soil that feels like one step forward and two steps back. There were several cairns along the way to help guide you especially in the not so sure areas, so keep an eye out.

Absolutely beautiful views the whole way, and the ruins were amazing! I would describe this as the most challenging short hike with just over 2,000 ft elevation gain in the 1.5 miles up. Worth it, a must do!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

1) A 2wd truck or SUV would be a minimum to get to the trailhead. There are a few spots that are a little rocky, but our 2wd Tahoe did just fine as far as clearance and drivability on this road.

2) It is good to have some form of GPS with you on this hike. We turned right and hiked up the face of the mountain too early and ended up looking like a bunch of big horn sheep hiking up the face of a sketchy cliff.

3) The ropes were all in good condition.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Awesome hike. Fairly easy in the daylight, but make sure you leave yourself enough daylight to hike back. It was a bit difficult hiking back down in in the dark. All-in-all it was well worth the 22 mile bumpy dirt road to get to the trail head.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

one of my favorites in az. difficult but short and well worth the hike and drive to goto the ruins. a must see for any true hiker. many of other trails around that are great but this one is the best.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

This is a dangerous hard to find trail at best. The Ruins are great, but to say it is a strenous aerobic exercise ia an understatement.. There is a falls that you need to scale and much of the trail is narrow with severe drop offs so one has to be careful. The trail is sketchy and hard to locate in several places. Plan for an all-day hike as the vertical climbs are strenous and no fear of heights would be a desirable trait. Remember what you scale to climb you also have to come back down through. Suggest a rope for safety and don't go alone. High clearance vehicle or quad desireable to reach trailhead.

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