Corona de Loma Trail

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Corona de Loma Trail is a 6.2 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Phoenix, Arizona and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and trail running and is best used from September until June. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

6.2 miles
1354 feet

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10 days ago

Great views

15 days ago

Back on Corona de Loma today. Another after-work, afternoon hike. Last time I turned off of Ray Road onto 31st street, and then wandered across the desert until I found it. That was a long and unnecessary hike. Today, I followed GPS right to Warpaint and then followed the marked trail off road and across Desert Classic. Still 5.8 miles, but not too bad. I made it to the top today and enjoyed the cool, brisk breeze and the few raindrops that fell on my head. The sky was mostly overcast and it was very comfortable. My cairn was gone. Disassembled or knocked aside by another visitor, so I put up another one, a sturdier one. Damn anyone who knocks that one over! Last time up was November 23rd, and I barely made it back before nightfall. I was early today and made it up and down in plenty of time. Coming down I somehow made a wrong turn on the Desert Classic Trail and wound up heading the wrong direction, so I bushwhacked across the desert back to the car. I barely averted a nasty looking rattlesnake out in the middle of the desert. I'm sure he could have bitten me if he had wanted to, but I think I disturbed his nap, so he let me off with just an ominous rattle. Such is life in the desert.

23 days ago

5 months ago

Danny Flynn, I'm not sure where you parked for this hike (Corona De Loma Trail) but if you park on Warpaint Dr. the round trip to the top should be a lot less than 12 miles.

5 months ago

Went to Corona de Loma today. I had been eyeing that trail for a while on and today went to do it. I work close by the trail and swung over after work. The map essentially just got me to parking close by the mountain, but I really didn't know where the trail was. I asked for directions 6 times out on the trail! I finally got to the base of the mountain and started climbing. I used to live at South Mountain and I hiked there a lot, but that was on the north side of the mountain and I had never hiked on the south side before. I parked at about 2:30 and made it to the base of the mountain by about 3:30. Of course, on November 23rd the days are short and I wasn't sure there was enough daylight left to make it up and down, but I went up anyway. Corona de Loma seems like more of a peak than a trail, and the radio towers on National are close by. I didn't see any trail signs marking the top when I arrived, but there were only a couple signs on the way anyway. There was a cute little cairn at the top and I added a couple of rocks just to mark my arrival. Considering the dimming daylight, I spent only a few minutes at the top and then hustled down. I traveled across Warpaint and Desert Classic going both up and down. It was 6.04 miles from parking to the top, so 12 miles round trip. The sun dropped and I made it back to the car just as it turned dark. Now that I know the way, I will probably go back and try it again, but from where I parked it could be a day hike.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

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mofified corona

parked on warpath

desert cloud out... national along the ridge... corona back to warpaint

not a favorite to many bikes on DC

national is great

corona doen is steep rough and loose
pyramid is better option to loop traditional

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

well I started out from the Pima Canyon Trailhead. Took the desert classic trail west until I hit the secret trail took it to the Corona De Loma Trail which I hiked until I connected with the National Trail. From there I went to Hidden Valley then reconnected with the National Trail from there I turned onto Pima Wash until I reached my car. The weather today was great about 92 lots of plants in bloom.