5.7 miles
1732 feet
Out & Back

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3 months ago

Casner Canyon Trail is a tough trail. It is a continuous uphill trail becoming very steep in certain sections of the last 2/3rds going up. It is very rocky on the trail so have sturdy soled shoes otherwise your feet will be hurting at the end of the hike up and down. The first third of the hike is in typical interesting terrain through trees. However the last 2/3rds of the hike starts to get boring as you climb the side wall of the Canyon amongst scrub brush. This is where it becomes a grind climbing continuously up and getting steep. Very very good cardio workout if that is what you are looking for. Park .4 miles past Grasshopper Point heading towards Flagstaff. There is a small paved turnoff on the right where you will see a old small road with a metal bar gate blocking the road. There is a larger dirt turnoff directly on the opposite side of the road. Walk past the metal gate on the old road and take the trail on your left down the embankment. At the bottom, turn left on Allen’s Bend Trail and head upstream. Where the Allen’s Bend trail definitely ends make your way perpendicular to the river. Look just a little ways upstream for the log you will use to cross the river. Piece of cake. No worries. Walk perpendicular to the river to locate the next small stream. Find your way around the small second stream by walking to your left when you get to it. Follow the rough path that skirts along the side of the steam going downstream now that you are across it. Eventually you will come to the wash that comes from Casner Canyon. Just on the other side of the wash is the beginning of the trail which now goes left. Use your All Trails app to find the trail and stay on it. Otherwise you might take a wrong turn. Take lots of water and some food. Enjoy your extreme cardio workout and the view at the top. Be very careful coming down because the many small and big rocks can be like marbles and your feet can go out from under you quickly. If that happens, watch out that you don’t put your hands right on a cactus when you try to save yourself from falling backwards. I feel there are so many much better interesting trails than this one. This one is for folks who just want to check off a box in their effort to walk every trail in Sedona.