Blackett's Ridge Trail

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Blackett's Ridge Trail is a 5.7 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Tucson, Arizona that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October.

5.7 miles
1702 feet
Out & Back



nature trips

trail running



wild flowers


no dogs

This is one of the "Must See" hikes in the area, if you're in town for a short while and want a hike with spectacular views of the Coronado National Forrest. After you park your car in the lot, walk over to the Bear Canyon trailhead - it will be off to the right of the visitors center. Shortly after you start the hike you will come to a paved tram road, turn right and walk along the paved tram road until you come to a small building, cross the bridge to your right and start out along the Phoneline trail. You'll see the trailhead sign for Blacketts Ridge Trail. At the top you'll have incredible views of Thimble Peak to the Northeast and an awesome view of the Phoneline Trail way down below.

12 hours ago

Great trail, took 1h5min to the top, no breaks. Cool morning was perfect for climbing. Surely go again!

3 days ago

I started a bit late in the day so most of the return was with headlamp. I'm a bit older and the knee joints don't like going down on the switch backs. needless to say it took more time down than it did going up. I felt really old when some trail runners I met at the top were running it again when I was coming down. 2 men and a lady. Yep impressive in the stamina they had. I loved the hike and the views were incredible!! Take lots of water. I had 2.5 ltrs and used it all. I went in January and was glad for the cool temp. definitely doing it again. Happy trails!!!

4 days ago

Blacketts Ridge my favorite hike!

6 days ago

7 days ago

Good workout, strenuous climbing and great view at the top.

12 days ago

Good workout. Just know that most of the elevation is in the last 1.5 miles. Also, there are 2-3 false summits so just keep going until you see the sign "End of Blackett's Trial". FINALLY, AND MAYBE MOST IMPORTANT! LADIES, WHEN YOU "POP A SQUAT" PLEASE, PLEASE CARRY YOUR TISSUE OUT. PLEASE DON'T LEAVE IT. WHY WOULD YOU DO SOMETHING SO DISGUSTING? JUST PUT A BAGGIE IN YOUR BACKPACK AND TOSS IT WHEN YOU GET HOME! PLEASE TAKE CARE OF NATURE!

14 days ago

One of my favorite trails

15 days ago

Beautiful views no matter how far you go. It took me 3 tries to get to the top because of how demanding it was. The first big climb is the worst and make all the other inclines seem like nothing. I went in January and started at 7:30am and it took me 3 hours to finish. Weather was beautiful. Highly recommend

18 days ago

Hard yet rewarding hike make sure to drink plenty of water when I was done with this height my legs for in knots because I think I just didn't consume enough fluids

21 days ago

Awesome hike! Please don't feed the chipmunks, folks - they're super cute, but it can be detrimental to their health and their ability to fend for themselves in the long run!

22 days ago

This was my very first trail when started hiking back in march and decided to make it my last hike of the year, I never hiked before until I met Someone from out of state. (local friends are pretty lazy) I got hooked and was left hanging and decided to keep doing it alone and am glad I continued, I've done so many trails now and all amazing in their own different way. Seen all kinds of critters, plants, rocks and made a couple friends on the trails. Never thought I would be hiking 217 miles from march till today. I have to say i feel amazing and it has made me realize and see all the beauty arizona has to offer and I was missing out . I have to thank that one person that came into my life for that one only reason, HIKiNG!!! Happy New Year to everyone, and keep on hiking, I know I will and can't wait for it!!

23 days ago

Fun short hike.

26 days ago

Tough trail, but a great hike! It’s not bad until you split off onto Blackett’s Ridge Trail but from there it’s quite steep and definitely offers a challenge.

27 days ago

Great trail, good quad workout do it with a buddy though. Tons of fearless little birds and squirrels at the top too. Absolutely beautiful

1 month ago

Incredible views. The perfect sauntering experience.

1 month ago

You get to the trailhead by taking the bear canyon trail and then the phone line trail. It’s 1.7 miles to the top and a good workout. The trail is steep and has great views throughout. No shade cover so wear sunscreen. Would recommend.

3 months ago

So I tried following the directions and routed myself to the bear canyon trailhead to start. Perhaps there is more than one, because I definitely didn't start where it says on the map. The trail was so poorly marked that I quickly lost it, got very lost myself and had to walk to a nearby home to find a dirt road to turn around. I'm not sure if there are multiple "Bear Canyon Trailheads" or what's up, but it wasn't a great experience today.

3 months ago

Fun hike. Start as early as possible for the most enjoyable results.

3 months ago

Whoever said this was "nature's stairstepper" was right. I should have listened. If you have knee issues you might want to think about wearing a brace for this one. That said, this is one beautiful hike. When you think you're almost there, take a deep breath and kick that thought right out of your head. You're not. Lots of false summits. Be patient, enjoy the views, and bring a snack for the end of the trail. You're going to want to soak it all in up top.

This is good trail if you are looking for a not too long and not too short, but not too short. But I recommend going early in the morning (I didn't!), there is not a single shred of shade any where in the trail! Also, note that even though trail only gains 1700 ft but it is mostly in the second half, first half is mostly flat. So, it has some pretty steep parts.

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